5.2 Chakram
1st Airdate:
October 10th, 1999
Guest Appearances:
Kevin Smith ~ Ares
Episode Disclaimer:

Xena's Dark and Violent Past was restored during the production of this motion picture.



• Ares appears in the Temple of Kel, God of War. They talk about the Kel trying to get to Xena. Kel refuses. Ares asks if Kel is still upset about him stealing the Dark Chakram. Kel tells Ares none of this would've happened had Ares not stolen it. They discuss that Xena travels with Eli who raised them from the dead. Kel thinks Ares is after his power. Ares leaves and Kel has one of his followers, Kaleb, the purest monk in his order, try to go into the temple of the Chakram to retrieve it. Kaleb enters the table and finds the table with a yin & yang symbol on it. There are two chakram holders, but one ismissing on the dark side. When Kaleb picks up the chakram, he bursts into flames and dies.

• Xena and Gabrielle are still in the mausoleum where they were resurrected. Joxer says he's glad to see them and Amarice gives Xena back her broken chakram, in the hopes that it can be fixed. Xena feels as if she is missing something. As Xena pieces the two chakram halves together, Gabrielle says she thinks it can't be fixed, but Xena doesn't even know what it is.

• Gabrielle tells Xena it is her chakram, but Xena doesn't recall it. Xena says she's a little fuzzy. They all go into town and Joxer is the first to see Gabrielle's new outfit. She comes out with two sais as well. Xena dismisses them, but Amarice tells Xena they are for her. Xena still doesn't understand, but before anything can happen, they are attacked. Gabrielle fights with the sais and a new warrior attitude. Amarice and Joxer fight too, but Xena is struck down, without putting up a fight. Suddenly a heavily armored warrior arrives. Joxer protects Xena and Gabrielle attacks the warrior, who easily pushes her off. They all escape and close the gate and return to the mausoleum.

• Xena looks after Joxer's wound while they ask her why she didn't defend herself. Xena can't seem to recall anything violent in her past, no memory of Alti, Callisto, Caesar, or even her or Gabrielle's death and rebirth. Xena says she feels empty. They also discuss that the soldiers that attacked them were from Kel, God of War, who wants Xena.

• Eli wants to take them to see his friend Kaleb who can help them and find out what they are after. En route, Joxer asks Eli how to tell Gabrielle he loves her. Eli says to keep it simple, that love is the most powerful force on Earth. 

• The group try to tell Xena stories of her past, but still no recollection. Amarice heads off to hunt, but Xena thinks its more a game. Amarice yells at her, tells her to act like her real self, not a child.  Xena goes with Amarice. Gabrielle and Eli talk about the way of love not being for Gabrielle. Gabrielle says she will do anything to defend Xena. She says Xena is off balance, lost without her darkside.

• In the woods, they are attacked by Kel. Amarice attacks them, but she is defeated. Kel says he'll spare her if Xena goes with him. She agrees, but Amarice attacks again and is knocked out. Gabrielle finds her in the woods later and then they all follow the trail they left.

• Meanwhile, in Kel's temple, Xena asks what he wants of her. Kel says he wants her to stay exactly how she is until she gets what he needs. He mentions that the purest monk in his order couldn't get what she can. Ares appears to answer what Xena is supposed to get. She doesn't know him. He frees her of her manacles. Behind Ares, Kel grabs a sword while Ares grabs a battle ax. They both strike each other and Xena goes flying backwards. They both pull the weapons out of their bodies and grab another weapon and continue fighting. Xena watches, then notices a pictograph of the chakram. She touches it and remembers throwing and hurting people with it. She escapes out the window as they fight. She encounters Gabrielle, Joxer, Amarice and Eli outside and they get away.

• They reach Kaleb's place, but Xena realizes that is was Kaleb who went after what he wanted and died trying. Eli was upset about it and asks everyone to leave him alone as he goes through Kaleb's scrolls for a clue.

•Later, Joxer looks for Xena, but she enters the hottub right behind him. He turns around and begins to leave, but Xena tells him not to worry about it. Joxer asks her for advice how to tell her since they are such good friends. Xena tells Joxer it's his expectations that are weighing him down. She says go at it with no strings attached. Joxer leaves, but then Ares appears. She recognizes him from the temple. He gives her a massage and tells her it's about him and her and their destiny together. Ares almost kisses Xena, but not before Gabrielle enters and yells at him for taking advantage of Xena like this. He asks Gabrielle why she has become so hard then disappears. 

• Eli has found out what they are after, the Chakram of light. If anyone possesses it, they have the power to kill any god. But only the purest person can attain the chakram from the temple. Xena wants to leave everything as it is, but then agrees to stop the Gods of War, who now have decided to work together. Xena prays to the one who cleared her memory to find out why. She asks for a sign and Gabrielle approaches her. She tells Xena her darkside is vital, she needs the balance of dark and light.

• Gabrielle and Amarice sneak into the village and fight the soldiers. They toss explosives by the gates, blowing them open and allowing Joxer, Xena and Eli to enter. Xena enters the temple and grabs the chakram. As the others are forced to the door of the temple, Xena walks out with the chakram poised to throw. Ares and Kel stand back, but then Xena realizes she can't kill and drops the chakram. The soldiers advance, and they lock themselves in the temple after Amarice grabs the chakram.

• Xena asks if there is a way to destroy the chakram, Eli says no, but it can be merged with the chakram of darkness, thus nullifying it's power to kill a god. Joxer corners Gabrielle, he's afraid she'll die before he tells her that he loves her. Ares yells from outside that he will exchange their freedom for the chakram. The 'innocent' Xena is almost tempted. The guards break in and they attack! Xena has Amarice toss her the broken chakram and she places down on the altar. A bright energy appears, fixing the broken chakram. Kel attacks Xena and Ares attacks Eli, but Ares can't budge Eli and fears him. Gabrielle defends Xena, but he knocks her down and readies to kill her. Xena grabs the chakram of light and kills Kel. She then turns to Ares. He tries to tempt her into giving him the chakram, but at the last second, she grabs the other chakram and raises them both over her head. They spin in mid air and merge into a new chakram, one with a handle in the middle. Xena tosses the new chakram and strikes the soldiers with it. Gabrielle welcomes Xena back as they battle. During the battle, Xena is attacked by Kel's right hand soldier. She separates the chakram and fights him with them. He stabs him with them and then tosses them both in opposite directions, saving Gabrielle, Amarice and Joxer. She then kills Kel's warrior and spins and jumps right in front of Ares.

• The battle is over. He asks why she merged the chakram. She said no one deserves that kind of power, least of all Xena, who's back with a vengeance. Ares disappears.

• Xena and Gabrielle say goodbye to Eli, who's going to stay to study Kaleb's scrolls. Xena thanks him for bringing them back to life. Eli says he didn't do it alone. Something or someone helped him. Gabrielle starts to tell Joxer something, but Joxer stops her and tells her he only wanted her to know, no strings attached. Later, Xena thanks Gabrielle for returning her to her rotten self. That it was Gabrielle, the sign she needed to make the right decision.

• They head back to Greece.

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