Motherhood 5.22 Motherhood
1st Airdate:
 May 21st, 2000
  Robert Tapert 
Rick Jacobson 
Guest Appearances:

Kevin Smith ~ Ares
Alexandra Tydings ~ Aphrodite
Ted Raim ~ Joxer
Renee OConno ~ Hope
Adrienne Wilkinson ~ Eve
William Gregory Lee ~ Virgil
Meighan Desmond ~ Discord
Stephan Lovatt ~ Hades
Julius Garner ~ Hephaestus
Joel Tobeck ~ Demios
Josephine Davison ~ Artemis
Asa Lindh ~ Alecto
Diana Rowan ~ Shepherd
Jon Brazier ~ John the Baptist
Annmarie Dennis ~ Tisipohone
Siaosi Fonua ~ Cullar
Rick Jacobson ~ Poseidon
Charles Mesure ~ Archangel Michael
Episode Disclaimer:

All the gods were harmed during the production of this picture.


LOG LINE: With the lives of Gabrielle and Eve hanging in the balance, Xena faces the gods in a final showdown. 


This summary is from the Official Xena Webpage

Distraught with grief, Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson) runs recklessly through the wilderness closely followed by Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor). Although Gabrielle doesn't think she will
ever be able to forgive Eve for killing Joxer (Ted Raimi), she agrees to help Xena reform her daughter.
Meanwhile, when Ares (Kevin Smith) tells the gods that Livia is really Eve, they decide to call upon the Furies for help. After Xena saves Eve from a group of angry Romans determined to exact revenge for the loss of their loved ones, the Furies begin to undermine Gabrielle's thoughts in an effort to turn her against Eve. One of Eli's followers (Diana Rowan) suggests they take Eve to Eli's disciple, the Baptist (Jon Brazier), who initiates sinners into "the way of love." As Eve is being baptized, Xena is bathed in a heavenly light and is infused with the power to kill gods! Soon a number of deities appear and are shocked when Xena kills Hephaestus (Julian Garner), Poseidon and Discord (Meighan Desmond). As Xena, Gabrielle and Eve flee, Xena explains that Eve's spiritual cleansing gave her the power to kill
gods, a power she will retain as long as Eve is alive. Furthermore, the Archangel Michael has informed Xena that Eve is the messenger who will prepare the way for the God of love. 

Xena suggests to Eve that she can begin atoning for her sins by visiting people she wronged and accepting their judgment. The three women go to Joxer's tavern where Virgil (William Gregory Lee) is
mourning the loss of his father. When Virgil sees Eve, he draws his sword and charges her, but Xena intervenes. Virgil heads for his father's grave where Gabrielle comforts him. Later, Ares appears and
distracts Xena while Gabrielle is visited by the ghosts of Joxer (Ted Raimi) and her daughter Hope (Renee O'Connor). With their words coming from the invisible Furies, the ghosts convince Gabrielle to kill Eve. When Xena catches a glimpse of Gabrielle plunging her sai into Eve's back, she hurls her chakram hitting Gabrielle in the back of the head and severely wounding her. Instinctively, Xena knows that the Furies are responsible and even though she can't see them, she manages to kill them all. Ten gods arrive and begin to battle Xena. 

As Xena does her best to protect the gravely wounded Eve, Aphrodite (Alexandra Tydings) is moved to protect the unconscious Gabrielle and drags her into the next room. Believing that Xena has lost her powers and that Eve must be dead, Hades (Stephen Lovatt) confidently approaches Xena, who kills him. With most of the gods dead and Athena and Ares wounded, the few remaining gods retreat to Olympus. Xena pleads with Aphrodite to save her dying friend, but she insists she can only heal with Athena's blessing. Xena forces Aphrodite to take them all to the palace of the gods, where Ares intercepts them. Ares offers to make Xena a god if she lets them kill Eve. Refusing, Xena shoots Ares in the leg and uses him as a shield while she offers the remaining gods a deal. If they heal Eve and Gabrielle, she will
leave them in peace. When Athena refuses, the fighting continues and Xena kills Artemis (Josephine Davison). Eve dies just as Xena is impaling Athena, so the goddess is spared. Her reprieve, however, is short-lived. In a stunning turn of events, Ares is moved to heal Eve and Gabrielle, making it possible for Xena to kill the now confident and unsuspecting Athena. Ares explains that he gave up his immortality to save Eve and Gabrielle in the hopes that Xena, whom he has always loved, will give him another chance. Xena thanks Ares with a big kiss and hints that while he's no good for her now, that might change in the future. 

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