Succession 5.3 Succession
1st Airdate:
October 17th, 1999
Writer:  Steven L. Sears 
Director: Rick Jacobson 
Guest Appearances:
Kevin Smith ~ Ares
Jenya Lano~ Mavican
Episode Disclaimer:

Ares' libido was not harmed during the production of this episode.


You can hear and see the rumbling underneath the black silk sheets. Suddenly, the two naked bodies appear from under them. One of them is Ares, who signs a ring that resembles the chakram. The other is a blond warrior called Mavican. She tells Ares that she is the warrior he is looking for to fight for him. He tells her that sleeping with him doesn't make her his right hand woman. He also tells her she is not the one, but she plans on proving it.

The scene only shows the bodies of warriors being thrown left and right. In the background you can hear Gabrielle asking Xena to at least fight one of them, but Xena takes them all on. Gabrielle goes to the nearby temple of Demeter to fill up their water bags. She is outwardly complaining about Xena not noticing her when Ares arrives. He says he understands how she feels and has noticed that she is tougher now, more a skilled warrior than a traveling bard. But then he disappears. Suddenly to small daggers slice open the waterbags that Gabrielle carries. Gabrielle looks up to watch Mavican jump over the wall and land right before her. She tells Gabrielle she is after Xena and the quickest way to do that is to kill Gabrielle. She sends two more daggers toward Gabrielle, but Xena lands in front of her, deflecting them away. Mavican tells Xena that she is her successor and they battle, matching blow for blow. Xena tosses her new chakram at her and it splits apart, but Mavican is good enough to evade them both. 

Ares appears out of nowhere and separates them both with a bolt. Mavican tells Ares that she is good enough to keep Xena on her toes. She tosses another dagger at Xena, but this time Gabrielle deflects it with one of her sai. Ares agrees that he has thought of an heir to Xena, so he decides to let them battle it out in a safer place. He opens a portal and tells them that Xena cannot kill Mavican or she will be stuck there, but Mavican can kill Xena and return. The three are sucked into the porthole while Ares says let the battle begin....

Gabrielle awakens in a dark place, a room with no escape. Xena awakens and battle Mavican right away. There are no weapons with them, so they fight hand to hand. Xena knocks Mavican off a ridge and then sets out to discover the area around her. At night, Gabrielle suddenly finds herself in a forest. She sets up camp and lays a few traps. Mavican attacks, but Gabrielle is ready. At first it looks good, then she gets the best of Gabrielle and knocks her out.. Xena is now in the dark room where Gabrielle was, but she can see what is happening to Gabrielle. 

Early the next morning, Gabrielle awakens in a cage. Mavican gets ready to kill Gabrielle, but then Gabrielle turns into Xena. Xena dodges pointed staffs thrown at her, but pretends to take a hit. Mavican comes close to the cage and Xena strikes her, causing the cage to fall and for her to escape. Xena then sets up some traps. She can sense Ares' presence and asks him what he is doing. He wants to test Mavican since Xena has lost that spark. Right before Dusk, Xena attracts Mavican's attention and she attacks. Xena quickly ensnares her in a thorned vine and then turns into Gabrielle. Mavican  tells her that she and Xena are in the same body and then Gabrielle is knocked away and Mavican stands up. Gabrielle sees a staff left behind by Xena and grabs it. Suddenly another vine snaps and a log flies out of the trees above and strikes Mavican. Gabrielle walks up to her lying on the ground, but then she's struck in the arm by a pointed rock. Gabrielle runs off. 

In her dark room watching poor Gabrielle, Xena yells out loud, but then the room around her lights up. Ares appears and lets Xena know that it isn't Mavican he's testing, but Gabrielle herself. Ares vanishes and Xena screams. Gabrielle has found a cave and cleans up her wound. Ares appears and offers her the position to work with him. She immediately refuses, but he uses the fact that Xena has deserted her and not noticed her and that Gabrielle's perspective of not always to fight maybe what's best for Ares. He gives her one of her sais and tells her if she kills Mavican, then she is ready. Gabrielle notices a note left behind in the staff Xena made for her. It tells her not to give in to Ares, he's tricking her and not to kill Mavican. Mavican immediately attacks and Gabrielle eventually gets the upper hand. She stands poised above Mavican ready to kill her with the sai and doesn't. She walks away, and Mavican grabs the sai. As Gabrielle sees Xena's reflection in the water, Gabrielle turns into Xena and she fights Mavican. Xena tells Mavican that he destiny is to be forgotten. They both get knocked out to one hanging vine. Xena tells Mavican that she will die, but Mavican will not and she won't win. Mavican calls out for Ares and he appears. She asks for his help and he opens a portal which sucks Xena in. Mavican is confused because Ares said they could ask for his help, he said yes I said you could, but I didn't say you should. Mavican yells as Ares leaves her in this place.

Xena and Gabrielle appear outside the portal. Ares appears and says at least he tried, he knows they won. Gabrielle doesn't understand why Ares said to ask for the help. Xena had remembered that a long time ago Ares said that if a warrior asked for his help then he wasn't worthy, so Mavican lost. Ares vanishes and Xena apologizes for not seeing Gabrielle for who she was becoming. The friends walk off together.

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