Animal Attraction 5.4 Animal Attraction
1st Airdate:
October 24th, 1999
Writer:  Chris Manheim
Director: Rick Jacobson
Guest Appearances:
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi
Amarice ~ Jennifer Sky
Arman ~ Mfundo Morrison
Talia  ~ Alison Bruce
Episode Disclaimer:

Although The Rabbit Died, No other animals were harmed during the production of this motion picture.



En route back home, Joxer keeps looking back at Gabby but he refuses to admit it. Amarice tells him that she refuses to fall for a man and explains that she doesnít need one. Gabrielle tries to talk to Xena about Joxer, but Xena keeps falling asleep. Xena and Argo suddenly senses trouble ahead and ride off to investigate. They come across a wounded horse caught in a trap. The horse is very tempermental, but seems to calm down around Gabrielle. Xena notices the horseís change and uses Gabby to help release the horse.

They take the horse and go to Spumona so they can heal the horseís wound. They find a stable for both horses. The stableman warns Xena against carrying her weapons in the town. Suddenly the Sheriff appears and Xena enters into a sword fight with her. Xena defeats the Sheriff but it turns out they are old friends. Her name is Talia. Xena wants to chat over a meal, but her odd cravings turns everyone away but Talia. While eating Taliaís deputy resigns because a man names Darcon has escaped from prison and is headed back to the town. Talia tells Xena about Darcon and how he use to tear up the town. Xena offers to help Talia, but she refuses Xenaís help.

Amarice goes to the local spa and accidentally knocks a guy into one of the pools. The man does not come up from the water and she has to pull him out and give him mouth to mouth to save him. Joxer enters the room as Amarice and the man are talking. As Joxer steps to Amariceís side he recognizes the man as Arman, the son of the warlord Joxer killed. Joxer makes fun of Amarice and she leaves. As she is walking out she slips and falls. Embarrassed, Amarice flips out on the two men. Both Amarice and Arman canít stand each other but notice the sparks between them.

Xena realizes she doesnít feel good so Gabby suggests she go see a healer. Xena agrees and visits the town healer. He tells her that she is fine, but pregnant. Xena flips out from the news and forcefully explains to the healer that she has not had sex for a very long time so she canít be pregnant. Joxer tries to help Gabby carry a bag of apples, but he ends up being a nuisance. Gabby returns to the stables and tries to feed the injured horse, but he wonít take the apple from her. Argo talks with him, but it doesnít help. Arman arrives to say hi and talks with Gabby about Amarice. Gabby makes him realize Amariceís pride was hurt and that is why she was upset. Meanwhile Xena is outside shopping and she feels giddy about finding a teddy bear and fresh cut flowers.

Gabby pretends her foot is wounded so she will have something in common with the horse. It works, she gains his trust and he eats an apple from her hand. Talia still refuses Xenaís help after a second offer from the Warrior Princess. She explains that Darcon is her ex-husband. She has to fight him her self. In a last attempt Xena offers to help again but Talia stops her explaining that Xena canít fight in her condition. Xena still refuses to admit that she is pregnant.

Xena goes to the town tavern and orders a glass of milk. Amarice arrives asking for her advice. Xena tells her to either kiss or kill Arman. After Arman shows up at the tavern with flowers in hand, Xena threatens him. He goes to talk to Amarice and tells her that he will protect her. This causes her to flip out again. She begins to yell at him and then to two stop their fighting and kiss. Joxer arrives and ruins the moment. They begin to argue again and then leave separately.

Talia takes off on her horse and leaves town. Xena tell Argo first about her being pregnant. She then goes outside and runs into Arman. She apologizes to him and encourages him to pursue Amarice. He takes her advice and approaches Amarice again. They start to talk but end up in a fight. Joxer shows up looking for Xena and the two leave separately again. Meanwhile, Xena is outside suffering more sickness from her pregnancy.

Xena finds Gabby feeding her horse. Amarice, Arman, and Joxer show up at the stables as Xena and Gabby are talking. All of them begin to argue back and forth with each other. Gabby asks Xena to stop them and in doing so Xena yells out that she is pregnant. The arguing stops, as they are all speechless. Gabby asks "who" and "how". Joxer is excited, as he canít wait to be an uncle. After the shock wears off Joxer gives a note to Xena from Darcon that is written to Talia stating that he is coming at sundown. With Talia missing Xena takes charge and put Amarice and Arman together to guard the flank. Amarice admits to Arman that he scares her emotionally. They kiss and make up.

While waiting for Darcon to arrive Gabby questions Xena on who the babyís father might be. "Ares?" "Hercules?" The conversation stops when they hear Darcon approaching. Talia appears in the center of town. She confronts her ex-husband while Xena takes out his men. Talia and Darcon toss daggers at each other in a showdown but they both miss. They then engage in a sword fight while Xena and Gabby finish attaching Darconís men. Gabby tries to stop one of them from burning down the stables. The man turns on Gabby and threatens her. Before he can attach, her horse bursts out of the stable and kicks the man, saving Gabby. Talia defeats Darcon and tells him that she will send him back to prison rather than kill him. Arman and Amarice say good bye to each other while Xena and Gabby welcome their expanding family, another horse and the baby.

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