5.5 Them Bones 
Them Bones

1st Airdate:
November 7th, 1999
Writer:  Stephen Sears/R.J. Stewart
Director: John Fawcett
Guest Appearances:
Claire Stansfield ~ Alti
Kate Elliott ~ Yakut
Jennifer Sky ~ Amarice
Episode Disclaimer:

Xena and Alti were 'Bad to the Bone' during the production of this episode!




Gabrielle and Xena search for an herb to help Xena with her morning sickness. After a moment Gabby finds the mushroom and hands it to an excited Warrior Princess. Xena takes the herb and unhappily consumes it. She explains to Gabby that she is happy because she knows that she does not have to go through this alone. Gabby responds by telling her that she is not going to eat any mushrooms. Suddenly Xena screams in pain. The pain passes and then returns causing her to scream again and beg Gabby for help. Gabrielle takes Xena to a healer where Xena continues to scream in agony. Without warning Xena begins writhing on the table she has been laid on. She then reaches for her stomach and rips open the front of her outfit revealing her belly. As everyone in the room watches, something begins to move in her stomach. Xena screams one more time as bony fingers burst from her belly ripping the skin apart. Quickly, the skeleton of a baby pushes its way out of the opening.

Xena wakes up from the nightmare to find her self in a hospice with Gabby at her side. Amarice and Gabby tries to calm her down as the healer tells her that there is nothing wrong with her or the baby. Xena announces that they need to go visit Yakut, the shamaness of the Northern Amazon tribe. She explains to Amarice and Gabby that her dream was actually a premonition and that something is trying to kill her baby. The three women ride off to amazon country where they find the Northern Amazon tribe and Yakut, who foresaw Xena’s arrival in a vision. Yakut is aware of the danger to Xena’s baby and performs a ritual, which allows her to see what is happening to the unborn child. As she absorbs the information she scribbles a symbol in the sand. As she finishes the ritual she explains to Xena that someone is draining her child of its life force in the spirit realm. This entity that is draining the child’s life force carries the mark of the shamaness. Xena realizes her child’s attacker s Alti.

Yakut explains to Gabby what is happening. Gabby refuses to believe it at first, as she knows that Alti was destroyed in India. Yakut tells Gabby that Alti can only attach on the spiritual plane and Xena is preparing to go there to confront her. Gabrielle seems upset by this news and Yakut confides in Gabby that she is concerned that in Xena’s current condition she will lose in a battle with Alti. Gabby goes to see Xena and argues with her that she must go in Xena’s place. At first Xena is unsure about sending Gabby. She states that she has all ready watched Alti rip the heart out of other friends in her life, but Gabby argues that she loves Xena’s child as if it were her own and deserves the chance to fight for it’s life. Reluctantly Xena gives in and teaches Gabby the way of the shamaness. She explains that she must journey to the other side with a spirit that has recently crossed over.

Gabby goes hunting and kills a moose with the ceremonial dagger. She then brings back the blood of the moose. During the final ritual she mixes her blood with Xena’s to bind her to this world. Xena gives Gabby a dagger and tells her not to let go of it, as it will be her link to getting back. Gabby tells Xena not to let go her. After a few more parting words gabby crosses over to the spirit realm. Once there she notices that time and space have no meaning there. Noticing Alti in the distance she raises the dagger to attack but finds her self pulled across the landscape to Alti. "Xena’s little bitch, welcome to the dog house." Alti says to Gabby as she grabs her by the throut. Gabrielle tries to stab Alti but discovers that she is both still at the campsite where she first arrived and also at Alti’s side. The representation of her self at the campsite has the dagger while the Gabby being attached does not. "The strongest mind wins" Alti announces as she shuts down Gabby’s body and kills her.

Meanwhile in the real world Xena watches as her friend’s body dies and she begins performing mouth to mouth resuscitation to try and save her. Finally after a few tense moments Gabby comes back to life and awakes in Xena’s arms. Gabby tells Xena that Alti does not want to hurt the baby. After recovering from her ordeal Gabby states that she failed Xena but she is comforted when Xena responds by telling her that she did not fail because she made it back. Yakut adds that Gabby has bought them some time. Gabby once again states that Alti does not want to harm the baby, she wants Xena’s baby to be born. Thinking about it for a moment, Xena realizes that Alti wants to steal the baby’s soul and replace it with her own. Gabby offers to go back and face Alti again but Xena ends the conversation saying that she almost lost her the last time. With a new sense of urgency, Xena asks Yakut if she remembers how to perform the ritual for restless souls. Yakut confirms that she does but adds that it does not always work.

With only one option left Xena sends Amarice and Gabby to the temple of Chia to retrieve amber from the tree of amber. They can use the amber on the bones of Alti. Once it hardens her soul will be trapped. Yakut warns them that Chia is an amazon mystic with the power to see the truth in a persons heart. While they leave for their journey Xena and Yakut take off to recover the bones of Alti.

During their trip to Alti’s burial site Xena questions raising a child into this world. Yakut reminds her of a story about the tree of souls placed in the golden navel of the world. Perched on the tree’s branches are the souls of unborn children waiting to be born. When a mother accepts what she is about to become the child will send her a message in the form of a dove to say thank you. Xena and Yakut continue on and find Alti’s remains but the skull is missing. Yakut confesses to having taken the skull. She had used it to perform a ritual that she had hoped would help her to harness Alti’s power so she could use it for good. In doing the ritual she accidentally releases Alti’s soul. It is her fault all this is happening. She tells Xena that she wants to go to the spirit world to fight Alti but Xena will not allow it.

Xena awakes that night to find that Yakut has crossed over to the spirit realm any way. Xena drinks the blood Yakut had drank and crosses over to rescue her friend. Upon arriving in the other world Xena is attached by Alti who reaches into Xena’s body with her hand saying, "I’ve always wanted to be inside you Xena." She then pulls out the soul of Xena’ baby. Disoriented Xena looks around and finds Yakut beaten and locked up. Xena threatens Alti but she laughs off the threats and offers some of her own. Just before sending Xena and Yakut back to the real world Alti presents Xena with a deal. She will give her back the soul of her child if she brings her back to the real world. Yakut and Xena awake and return to the tribe.

Amarice and Gabby arrive at the cave where they will acquire the amber. After entering the cave they encounter Chia who looks into their hearts. Gabby asks if she will let them have the amber. She tells Gabby that she can only give the amber to fellow amazons. Gabby may have it because she is an amazon but Amarice can not be cause she is really not an amazon. She has only pretended to be one but has done nothing to earn the title or history of the amazon nation. Upset by the accusation Amarice quickly leaves the cave. Gabby gets the amber and then goes to find Amarice.

Outside the cave the two meet up and Amarice confesses that she is not an amazon. She tells Gabby that she had no identity so she created one. She had always wanted to be an amazon. Gabby comforts her by telling her a lesson Xena had taught her. "I walked in Xena’s shadow, wanting to be her, but it’s warmer in the sun." The two women return to the tribe’s campsite to discover that Alti has already stolen the baby’s soul. Yakut announces that they can not use the amber until they know the baby’s soul is safe. Xena decides that it is time to beat Alti at her own game. If she wants to be brought into the real world then they will give her just that.

The tribe performs the ritual for Xena to cross over to the spirit realm. Once there she finds Alti and tells her she will bring her back but first she has to give up the soul of her child. Alti tells Xena that first she brings her back, then she can have the soul. Xena explains that the ritual has all ready begun all Alti has to do is take Xena’s hand. Excited, Alti grabs her hand and they both fade from the spirit world and reappear in a cave where Alti’s bones have been laid out. Xena seems to be alone so she begins to leave the cave. Suddenly Alti’s bones come together and the skeleton comes to life. It is Alti. Xena points out to the Alti skeleton that a deal is a deal and asks for the soul. Alti breaks the deal with Xena and swallows the soul as she tells Xena she is even more powerful here that Xena could have imagined. Xena announces, "you would be surprised by what I can imagine", as she rips away her face to reveal her skeleton. It becomes clear to Alti that she has been deceived. They are in a dream world and not the physical world.

Gabby, Yakut, and Amarice watch Xena’s body waiting for a sign from her that she has the soul so they can use the amber on Alti’s bones. Meanwhile the two Skeletons begin to battle with each other using various weapons. The battle ends with a sword fight in which it seems Xena will lose. Finally Xena gets the upper hand and defeats Alti. She takes the soul of her child back. In the physical world Gabby and Amarice feel the soul return to Xena and Gabby performs the ritual of the restless soul. She covers the bones in the amber and Alti’s remains slowly turn to ashes and then vanish. Xena returns to the physical world.

The next day the three women prepare to leave. Gabby talks to Amarice and tells her that she did not tell Xena about Amarice’s secret because it is no longer true. She welcomes Amarice into her amazon family as a new member of her tribe and gives her an amazon necklace from her tribe. Amarice accepts the gift and informs Gabby that she will not be joining them, she has decided to stay with the Northern Amazons to learn their ways.

Xena says goodbye to Yakut who warns Xena that her baby will be a target again. Xena tells Yakut that she knows that, which is why she is heading east to acquire some new tricks. As they look up into the trees Xena notices a dove that has appeared. Yakut tells her that her baby is lucky and Xena replies by saying that she is the one who is lucky.

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