Purity 5.6 Purity
1st Airdate:
November 14th, 1999
Writer:  Jeff Vlaming
Director: Mark Beesley
Guest Appearances:
Ted Raimi ~ Joxer)
Marie Matiko ~ Pao Tsu/K'ao Hsin
Episode Disclaimer:

To obtain a copy of Joxer's recipe for Moo Shu Sauce and other Chinese delicacies visit your local
bookstore or look for it at the tavern.



It is early in the morning at Xena and Gabby's campsite. The campfire has burnt out and the sun has risen. Xena suddenly awakes. She begins to look around the landscape. Gabby sits up from her slumber and notices Xena. Off in the distance they notice a man approaching, dressed in the clothes of a monk. The two women go to meet him and as they get closer they notice he is in pain and having trouble walking. The man finally collapses in Xena's arms. He tries to talk but is unable to. Xena notices that his tongue has been cut out. With the last of his strength he pulls out a piece of paper from his robe. As Xena takes the paper the man dies. Gabby comments on how she hopes the message is worth dying for and Xena points out that it was worth killing for. The note reads; "The hawk and the dove must be made one with the wisdom." Xena realizes the note is from Lao Ma and understands that the wisdom is Loa Ma's book of secrets. 

Xena, Gabby, and Joxer travel to Chin, to the Zo Monastery, where Xena left the book. Xena tells Gabby that she intends to get Lao Ma's power and use it. Gabby mentions that Xena had the power before. Xena confirms this but states that she let it slip through her hands like sand but this time she
will keep it. After a long journey they arrive at a decimated village. Joxer discovers a large crater in the center of the village and Xena ponder what kind of weapon was used to make it. They see the monastery in the distance and begin to make their way to it, but the are too late; an attack has already begun. The attacking army uses an ancient form of a rocket or missile to blow an opening in the monastery's wall. The army rushes in attacking the villagers and monks. Xena and Gabby arrive and begin battling the army. 

A mysterious woman joins them in their effort. Soon after the attack begins, the solders pull back and retreat. Once the solders are gone, the woman introduces herself as Pau Tsu, the daughter of Lao Ma. Joxer then arrives, excited about the hole that the army blasted in the wall. He comments that the army must have some powerful Greek fire to make a hole that big. Pau Tsu corrects Joxer by stating it was Black Powder. She tells them that the powder was banned some time ago but the leader of the army has disregarded the law and is using it. Xena leads Gabby Pau Tsu, and Joxer into the temple to retrieve Loa Ma's book. 

Once inside the temple they discover that the book has been taken. Xena announces that it has been taken recently and they decide to go after the thief. Gabby and Pau Tsu head back outside while Xena grabs another book and asks Joxer to hide it in her saddle bag. Joxer takes the book and agrees to hide it for Xena. After a few moments Xena and Joxer join Gabby and Pau Tsu outside. Xena sends Gabby and Joxer on a mission to collect spices in the village so they can try to determine what the black powder is made of. As they leave to carry out the mission, Xena and Pau Tsu head out to track down
the person who took the book. 

While in the village Joxer and Gabby decide to dress like locals to blend in. Gabby collects the spices as Joxer tries to get a merchant to tell him what the powder is made of. He shows the merchant the piece of the rocket asking him if he can tell him what is in it. The merchant recognizes the black powder and begins to panic; yelling out to the crowd that Joxer has the forbidden black powder. The villagers gather around Joxer and Gabby containing them until the authorities arrive. Meanwhile, Xena and Pau Tsu are hot on the trail of the person who took Lao Ma's book. The two have a brief conversation about Lao Ma and why she gave up her daughter. Pau Tsu comments on how she will never understand why her mother gave her up only to become a surrogate mother to Xena. As the conversation fades Xena informs Pau Tsu that they are being followed. The two women try to lose their follower by setting their horses free to travel in the other direction. 

After a long journey Xena and her companion arrive at a cave where they discover a young woman with the book. As the woman turns around Xena is surprised to see that the woman looks just like Pau Tsu. She is Pau Tsu's twin sister, Kau Tsu. The two sisters confront each other and an argument begins over their mother's book. Xena intervenes and convinces Kau Tsu that if she wants the book safe then she should give it to her. Kau Tsu hands the book to Xena. With a slight smile, Xena conveys to Kau Tsu that she knows Pau Tsu is the evil sister. A battle breaks out between Xena and Pau Tsu over the book. Pau Tsu uses a black powder explosion to knock Xena off her feet and she takes the book. Xena watches her run out of the cave but does not pursue her. Kau Tsu questions why Xena has not went after the book but soon she realizes the book is a fake. Xena had switched it with the book Joxer hid in her saddlebag. 

Gabby and Joxer are locked up for having the black powder. They argue with each other sarcastically as Gabby is upset with Joxer for getting them imprisoned. Joxer reveals that he still has some of the powder in his pants. Gabby realizes she can use the powder to free them and uses her foot to retrieve the pouch from Joxer. Much to Joxer's pleasure, it takes a bit to get the powder out of his pants. Once she has it, Gabby uses the powder and a rock to cause a small explosion, which frees her. She then frees Joxer and they both head back to find Xena. Meanwhile, Kau Tsu and Xena begin hiking through the woods towards Loa Ma's temple. As they walk Xena recognizes the area as the place where she first met Loa Ma. She tells Kau Tsu the story and they talk about Loa Ma and the legacy she has left behind. As Kau Tsu and Xena arrive at the temple and begin to study the book, Joxer and Gabby find Pau Tsu who offers to take them to Xena. Unaware that Pau Tsu is the enemy, they agree and follow her right it to a trap.

Xena and Kau Tsu continue to study Loa Ma's book and discover that the key to her power is Purity. It is one's purity, either good or evil, that allows the power to be controlled. Looking serious, Xena tells Kau Tsu that Pau Tsu's purity of hate will allow her access to the power. Just then Pau Tsu arrives and demands that Xena bring her the book. Xena leaves Kau Tsu with the book and goes outside to find Pau Tsu holding a torch over two trails of black powder. One trail leads to A tied up Gabby and the other trail leads to a chain up Joxer. Pau Tsu tells Xena that if she does not give her the book then she will kill her friends and Xena can't possibly save them both. Just then Kau Tsu runs out of the temple carrying the book and offers it to Pau Tsu. She explains to Xena that there is no more need for death over the book. Pau Tsu takes the book and kicks her sister down. Xena starts to move for Pau Tsu but before she can get to her the torch is dropped and the trails of black powder start to burn. Whiles Pau Tsu escapes with the book, Xena runs to Gabby and frees her. Joxer watches as the black powder trail
burns closer to him and Xena throws her chakram just in time to free Joxer before the explosion sends him flying through the air. 

After things calm down Xena sets Gabby and Joxer up in the kitchen and has them begin trying to learn the secret of the black powder. She then goes looking for Kau Tsu and finds her in the same room where Lao Ma had taught her about the power. Kau Tsu explains to Xena that she feels weak and does
not have the strength to defeat her sister. Xena counter with an argument that Kau Tsu has compassion and it takes great strength to show compassion. Even though they do not have the book they can still use her mothers power as Kau Tsu has her mothers blood and wisdom and Xena has her lessons and together they could unlock the secrets of Lao Ma's power. As they train and meditate they realize that Lao Ma's message about the hawk and the dove was meant for them. Kau Tsu is the dove and Xena is the hawk. Meanwhile, Pau Tsu learns the power from the pages of the book.

Xena and Kau Tsu continue to practice and meditate and as they do they both receive a vision from the past of Lao Ma giving up her two daughters to save them from Ming Tien. She had to hide them because if Ming Tien had learned of their existence then he would have had them killed to ensure his place on the thrown. It then becomes clear to them that the key to stopping Pau Tsu is to delete her purity. After discovering how to make the black powder, Gabby and Joxer begin making rockets for a final assault on Pau Tsu's army. 

The next day they begin their attack by setting of some explosions which get the attention of the army. Soon the army sets out to investigate the explosions and leaves Pau Tsu alone in the camp. Xena and Kau Tsu head for the deserted camp to confront Pau Tsu. As they enter the camp Pau Tsu meets them dressed in the clothing of Royalty. She announces to her sister and Xena that her destiny is to rule alone and to follow in the path of the one called the Green Dragon. She then begins to fire energy bolts at the two women. In unison they catch the energy and disperse it. As the battle at the camp continues, the army attacks Joxer and Gabby and they begin to set off the rockets, sending them into the camp. With explosions going off all around them Xena and Kau Tsu try to explain why Lao Ma gave them up and how she had tried to protect them and who the Green Dragon was. Hungry for power, Pau Tsu chooses to walk the path of the Green Dragon and fires one last burst of energy at the two heroes. The two women catch the energy and send it back at Pau Tsu. The force of the energy burst sends her hurtling through the sky until she crashes down on the army's supply of black powder. As she tries to stand up two rockets come soaring towards her and as the armory explodes, Pau Tsu is killed. Within seconds the entire camp erupts into a series of explosions and fire. Miraculously Xena and Kau Tsu emerge from the flames unharmed. 

Later that day the group prepares to head out. Kau Tsu tells Xena that she can no longer feel the power in her. Xena explains that the power is there, they just need to call on it. They are just a vessel for the power. When it is needed, it will show it's self. Kau Tsu tells Xena that she understands what her mother saw in her and she is proud to have her as a sister. 

by Todd Allen Hamilton

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