Little Problems 5.8 Little Problems
1st Airdate:
November 28th, 1999
Writer:  Gregg Ostrin 
Director: Allison Liddi 
Guest Appearances:
Alexandra Tydings ~ Aphrodite
Rose McIver  ~ Daphne
Colin May ~ Galantis
Peter Feeney ~ Tharon
Stephen Finch ~ Sandor
Wade Taylor ~ Castor
Scott Taylor ~ Pollux
Episode Disclaimer:

No Pie Tins were harmed during the making of Tharon's mask. 



As Xena and Gabby travel across Greece they a group of men who are pillaging Aphrodite's temple. Xena confronts the group who turn out to be Tharon's thugs. With Gabrielles help she stops them from stealing Aphrodite's treasures. Once they move deeper into the temple they find a young girl named Daphne who is dying. Feeling very helpless and moved by the child's condition, Xena wishes out load that she would change places with her if she could. Hearing this Aphrodite, believing that she is doing a good thing, switches Xena and Daphne's life force. Before Aphrodite can finish the switch Daphne awakens to discover Xena is inside of her. They two are sharing one body now. As Aphrodite tries to figure out how to undo the switch, Daphne's father, Galantis, arrives to take his daughter home. With Xena inside her body with her, she returns home with her father. Once there Daphne learns that her mother is dead and is consoled by Xena. Meanwhile, back at the temple, Gabrielle, becomes angry with the Goddess of Love for what she has done. Holding Xena's lifeless body, she devises a plan to get hold of the special oil that separates Siamese twins, in hopes of separating Xena from Daphne. 

Hearing that Xena is in the area, Tharon orders his men to find Xena so he can exact revenge on her. Gabby realizes that Xena is vulnerable to attack now and takes her body to a cave in hopes of hiding her from their enemies. Sandor and his thugs find Gabrielle and Aphrodite placing Xena's body in the cave and demand that they hand her over. Unwilling to allow any harm to come to Xena or her baby Gabrielle single-handedly defends the body. Aphrodite watches Gabby defeat the attackers but she does nothing to help. With the fight over and Xena safe for the moment, Gabby turns her anger to Aphrodite who has done nothing to help the situation so far. After a few harsh words Aphrodite uses her magic to seal the cave until they can return. The two women then set out to put Aphrodite's plan into action. They need to get into a club for twins where Castor and Pollux are appearing. These are two Siamese twins who have the oil they need to split Xena and Daphne. 

In order to get into the club Gabrielle and Aphrodite pose as Swedish Siamese twins. Once in they make contact with Castor and Pollux but the only way to get close enough to them to take the oil is to enter an oil wrestling competition against Castor and Pollux. They agree to the match and oil themselves up. After several minutes of wrestling and fighting off the twins advances Gabby and Aphrodite win the match. In the excitement of winning Aphrodite gives their deception away and all in the club realize that they are not Siamese twins. Quickly Gabby grabs the oil from the two men and is able to get her self and Aphrodite out of the club before they can be stopped. Meanwhile, Tharon's men continue to look for Xena.

When the men show up in Daphne's village and start making trouble Xena takes control over Daphne's body in order to stop a team of spooked horses. Having witnessed the event, Sandor reports to Tharon that he believes Xena is in the body of a young girl. While he can't believe this to be true, Tharon orders Daphne's capture. Following Xena's advise to give her father the benefit of the doubt, Daphne tries to talk to her dad about her mother's death. Daphne and her father argue and she leaves running to her mother's grave site. As she talks to her mother Sandor finds her. Trying to protect her self and the girl, Xena takes over and scares off Sandor and his men. Having grown up with only one parent herself, Xena urges Daphne to reconcile with her father. As Daphne and Xena talk, the girl walks to the river where suddenly remembers that her mother died while saving her from drowning. Galantis who has gone out to find his daughter sees Daphne and angrily orders her to stay away from the water. Daphne runs into the woods and Galantis tries to follow, but is intercepted by Sandor who kidnaps him as bait for Daphne and Xena. 

Having successfully gotten away from the club Gabrielle catches up with Daphne and Xena. She alerts Xena that they must get her and Daphne back to her body before sundown or she will remain trapped in Daphne forever. With time running out for her and for Daphne's father, Xena decides to go to Tharon's castle with Gabby while Aphrodite retrieves Xena's body from the cave. Once at the castle they find Daphne's father and Xena uses Daphne's body to defeat Tharon and his men. Aphrodite arrives with Xena's body and they use the oil to return Xena's spirit to her own body. Now separated from Xena and with a new found sense of strength and inner power Daphne reconciles with her father.

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