Seeds of Faith 5.9 Seeds of Faith
1st Airdate:
January 16th, 2000
Writer:  George Strayton & Tom O'Neill 
Director: Garth Maxwell 
Guest Appearances:
Hudson Leick ~ Callisto
Timothy Omundson ~ Eli
Kevin Smith ~ Ares
James Gaylyn ~ Petracles
Peter Rowley ~ Milos
Episode Disclaimer:

Thanks to Eli's non-violent ways, many people lost their lives during the production of this motion picture.



During a town meeting, Petracles preaches that it's time for the people to stop serving the gods. When a villager disagrees and pulls a knife on him, a chakram cuts the scythe of another armed villager in half. Xena and Gabby appear at the door way of the building and Xena catches the chakram as it returns to her. The violence against Petracles and his men begins again when Gabrielle attacks another man in the group as he reaches into his pocket for a handkerchief. Soon Ares appears eager to stop the growing movement against the gods. As Xena questions why he would be concerned over a petty argument he threatens Xena's life if she gets in his way. Ares explains to her that this useless quest to liberate the people from the Gods will end, one way or the other. Xena realizes that he is fearful of the Twilight of the Gods. Dismissing her claims he vanishes as quickly as he appeared.

Xena and Gabrielle decide to escort Petracles and his men to prevent any other attempts on their lives. As they arrive at one of the temples of Ares they find Petracles' teacher, Eli who is instructing his followers to burn their weapons and rely on love in their struggle in their struggle against the Gods. Surprised to find him here, Xena and Gabrielle are happy to see their old friend. As they get reacquainted Xena and Gabby warn him that love alone may not be enough to shield him and his followers from the wrath of the Gods. Eli tries to put their worries to rest by telling them that what he is doing has to be done, no matter what happens. Later, as Gabrielle and Eli discuss peace and war, Ares appears. Filled with anger and self confidence he explains to Eli that he is willing to give him a chance. Either Eli can stop his misguided attempts to turn the people against the Gods or the next time they meet things may get ugly. Eli considers Ares words but informs him that he will continue on his quest. Ares leaves, allowing Eli time to think about what he is doing.

Meanwhile, the Angel Callisto visits Xena and urges her not to interfere in Eli's battle against Ares and his soldiers. Xena dismisses Callisto's words. Even after everything that happened in the after life, Xena is still untrusting of Callisto. After the Angel leaves Xena battle a small group of Ares army which has begun to move in on Eli and his followers. Callisto appears to Eli and informs him that it's his destiny to die for his cause. Xena returns to the temple and tries to persuade Eli to retreat. Unable to persuade him to give up his stance, Xena leaves to head off Ares' army. Gabrielle agrees to stay and protect Eli from Ares. 

As Xena confronts the army at a bridge that they must cross to get to the temple, Ares returns to face Eli one last time. At first Gabby tries to battle Ares on Eli's behalf but she backs off when Eli begs her to have faith in him. He explains that what is about to happen will have no meaning if she uses violence to protect him. Reluctantly, she turns her back and waits as Ares kills Eli with his sword. Hearing Gabrielle's anguished cries Xena hurries to the town square, where she finds Gabrielle holding Elis dead body. His followers look on in sadness as Xena rushes to Gabby's side. Trying to understand what has happened Xena questions Gabby and learns that her partner did not protect Eli from Ares as she had asked her to. Instead she listened to Eli's plea to do nothing. Full of grief and pain and convinced that Xena is blaming her for his death Gabby turns on Xena. After a few heated words are exchanged Gabby leaves the temple.

As Ares contemplates his next move, a grief-stricken Xena collects and burns Eli's body in a funeral pyre. As she stands at the grave and watches her friends body burn, she is visited by Callisto, who tells her that Eli's death was not arbitrary and that his spirit will live on. Still unable to see Callisto as anything more than the monster she once was, Xena tries to dismiss her but this time Callisto presses on. She tells Xena that Eli's death will serve a greater purpose and that he was willing to do what was asked of him. She also tells Xena that since her and Gabby returned to the mortal word, she has been at their sides watching over them and guiding them but soon her time on earth will be done and she will be reborn. Finding a little more faith in Callisto, Xena asks to be taken to the Dagger of Helios, a weapon that can kill a God. She explains that she plans to accomplish Eli's dream of ridding the world of Ares' tyranny once and for all. Reluctantly and perhaps against the wishes of Heaven Callisto agrees to take her to the dagger.

Meanwhile, Ares approaches Gabrielle, who is stricken with guilt over Eli's death. He uses her current pain and confusion to try and finally win her over to his side. Giving her a taste of his power he tries to seduce her into joining forces with him. Gabrielle appears to take the bait and requests that he teach her everything he taught Xena. After a lesson in which Ares provokes her to lash out with great violence he leaves, allowing her time to make her decision. Gabrielle visits Eli's grave and contemplates what Ares has shown her and if Eli's struggle was in vain. Soon she realizes she must take on his cause. Shortly after, while Ares addresses Eli's followers Gabby returns to the village and challenges Ares. Just as Gabrielle begins to fight Ares, Xena arrives with the Dagger of Helios, ready to take Ares' life. But with the dagger poised at his neck, Xena catches a glimpse of the sad face of Eli reflected in the blade. Realizing that Ares' death would be against Eli's wishes, Xena decides to spare the God of war. 

Safe from the threat Ares leaves. Xena assures Gabrielle that she never blamed her for Eli's death and the two reconcile. Now an angel, Eli appears with Callisto to thank Xena and Gabrielle for keeping his cause alive. Eli reveals to Xena that it was Callisto who started the new life she now carries. Callisto then explains to Xena that it is her time to be reborn and it has been preordained that her soul will be reborn in Xena's baby. After a moment of consideration Xena tells Callisto that it is time they forgave each other for all the pain they have brought to each others lives. She also tells Callisto that she would be proud to have her soul in her unborn child and Callisto returns the gesture by telling Xena she could think of no one better to be her mother. With Xena in agreement, Callisto reverts to a soul and enters into the baby's body. 

Synopsis by Todd Allen Hamilton

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