You Are There 6.13 You Are There
1st Airdate~ February 4th , 2001
Writer:  Chris Black
Director: John Laing
Guest Appearances:
Ares ~ Kevin Smith
Eve ~ Adrienne Wilkinson
Aphrodite ~ Alexandra Tydings
Caligula ~ Alexis Arquette
Interviewer ~ Michael Hurst
Beowulf ~ Renato Bartolomei
Odin ~ Alexander Petersons
Michael ~ Charles Mesure
Charon ~ Peter Rowley
Grinhilda ~ Luanne Gordon
Lucifer ~ Joel Tobeck
Episode Disclaimer

The concept of linear time was several harmed during the production of this episode.

Log Line: In an ancient world meets modern-day satire, a tabloid TV reporter stalks
Xena) and Gabrielle, determined to get a juicy scoop on the Warrior Princess. 


This summary is from the Official Xena Webpage

  Xena and Gabrielle enter an unusually quiet Norse tavern and find Beowulf . Surprised by his rather subdued greeting, Xena tells him she must see Odin. Three Valkyrie enter the tavern and reveal they've been ordered to keep Xena away from Odin. A fight ensues that carries out into the marketplace, but the battle is disrupted when a modern-day interviewer (Michael Hurst) and his camera crew burst onto the scene. The interviewer asks Xena why she's returned to Norse lands and tries to bait her into commenting on Odin's threat to kill her if she tries to enter Valhalla. Off Xena's stare, the interviewer turns to the camera and announces that tonight we will learn exactly who this warrior princess really is a courageous defender of the downtrodden or a murderous fiend. 

The action cuts to a television studio, where Xena and Gabrielle are being interviewed. The dialogue quickly takes a nasty turn when the interviewer tries to get Xena to admit that she's returned to kill Odin and make herself a god in his place. Gabrielle stops the interview and she and Xena storm out of the studio. The interviewer then goes to the River Styx and speaks with Charon, Boatman of the Dead (Peter Rowley), who doesn't deny that Xena's been good for his business. Suddenly, the deceased Caligula (Alexis Arquette) steps into frame. Already angry about having to wait in line, the former emperor of Rome becomes enraged at the very mention of his nemesis Xena. After giving a rather colorful description of the warrior princess, Caligula boards Charon's boat and the interviewer returns to the television studio. There, he speaks with an anonymous source who claims that Xena wants to retrieve the Golden Apples from Valhalla, which will enable her to become a god if she eats them. It's then revealed that this anonymous source is Odin, who insists that Xena actually wants to use the apples to return Ares (Kevin Smith) to Olympus in exchange for him making her his immortal queen.

After ambushing Gabrielle to try to get an inside line Xena's relationship with Ares, the interviewer goes to see Ares, who now lives in a rundown shack, and is shocked to find Xena there. When they kick him out, the interviewer and his crew pay visits to the Archangel Michael (Charles Mesure), Lucifer (Joel Tobeck) and Xena's daughter Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson). He badgers Eve and a brawl soon erupts. Thrilled about the footage he's getting, he returns to the studio to interview Gabrielle. She tries to clear the air about the history between Xena and Ares, but the interviewer has his own agenda and asks Gabrielle point blank if she's in love with Xena. After a long pause, Gabrielle tells the world she doesn't love her. Xena enters the studio and informs the interviewer that the world has lost the gift of love and she has returned to the Norse lands to get it back. Later, the interviewer receives a hot tip from another anonymous source. He and his crew rendezvous in a dark cave with a mysterious "Deep Throat" character, who tells the interviewer that Xena is indeed trying to save the world, and that he will find his story if he follows the love. Perplexed, the crew takes off and finds Aphrodite (Alexandra Tydings) being mobbed by a loveless crowd. The former goddess of love tells the interviewer that since she became a mortal, all the love in the world has faded. The interviewer suddenly realizes the severity of the situation and he and Aphrodite rush to Valhalla, where Xena is confronting Odin. Xena emerges from the walls of Valhalla carrying the Golden Apples. Ares appears and everyone is shocked when she gives him one of the apples to eat. Xena then tosses one of the fruits to Aphrodite and she too is restored to godhood. Xena returns the remaining Golden Apples to Odin, and Ares and Aphrodite dematerialize. Grinhilda (Luanne Gordon), who was actually the mysterious "Deep Throat, " suddenly appears. She and Xena tell the interviewer that it was crucial to return both Ares and Aphrodite to Olympus because the world was falling out of balance there can't be love without hate. Ecstatic with material he's gotten, the interviewer believes he has the story of a lifetime.

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