Path of Vengeance 6.14 Path of Vengeance
1st Airdate~ February 19th , 2001
Writer:  Joel Metzger
Director: Chris Martin-Jones
Guest Appearances:
Ares ~ Kevin Smith
Eve ~ Adrienne Wilkinson
Varia ~ Tsianina Joelson
Cyane ~ Morgan Reese Fairhead
Kanae ~ Marise Wipani
Mawu-Ka ~ Michelle Blanchard
Episode Disclaimer

The disclaimer for this episode was harmed during the making of this motion picture. 

Log Line: Xena and Gabrielle fight to save Eve from execution when she returns to Amazon lands to
make amends for her past. This is where Eve is put on trial by the Amazons. 


This summary is from the Official Xena Webpage

 A council of Amazons headed by Queen Varia (Tsianina Joelson) convince the African Queen Mawu-Ka (Michelle Blanchard) to unite her tribe with theirs, pledging that their army will soon be the mightiest in the world. Meanwhile, Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson), on her way to the Amazon valley, is approached by Roman soldiers who tell her they have been sent by the Emperor as her guard. On a mission of peace, Eve begins to voice her objections when suddenly, Amazons swoop in from all directions and a bloody battle ensues. As the Romans attempt to retreat, Varia charges Eve, recognizing her at the last moment. Referring to her as Livia, the name Eve was known by during her dark days as a Roman warrior, Varia orders her troops to seize Eve. When the Roman captain sends a soldier off to get word back to command, the soldier runs into Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor). Near exhaustion, he reports that the Emperor sent his unit to Amazon country to protect Eve, but she was taken prisoner by the Amazons. 

In the aftermath of the melee, Eve begs Varia to stop the senseless killing of soldiers who have already surrendered, but Varia turns a deaf ear. Varia reminds Eve that Queen Marga sentenced her to death if she ever returned to Amazon lands, but Eve proclaims that she's come back to make amends for her past. When Xena and Gabrielle arrive at the pass leading to the Amazon valley, Cyane (Morgan Reese Fairhead) appears and informs them that Varia has closed off the area. By appealing to Cyane's sense of honor that has been assaulted by the killing of defenseless men, they manage to convince her to let them through. As they move on, Gabrielle insists they must try to save Eve without alienating their Amazon friends. Meanwhile, Ares (Kevin Smith) meets with Varia who informs him that the other Amazon queens don't appear to be sold on the notion of a united Amazon nation worshipping Ares. The god of war reminds her she must follow through on her end of the bargain if he is to help her conquer Rome. When he learns that Varia has captured Eve, he realizes Xena will be arriving shortly to save her daughter and convinces Varia that taking on Xena will aid in uniting the Amazons. 

Eve's trial is already under way when Xena and Gabrielle arrive at the Amazon compound. Interrupting the proceedings, Gabrielle reminds the council that she has the rank of Queen and is granting Xena permission to defend Eve. Conceding, Varia continues recounting a gruesome tale about the murders of Amazons Livia/Eve committed in the past. Eve confesses to the crimes and hangs her head in shame as Kanae (Marise Wipani) orders a vote to decide if she should be executed. With all the Amazons in favor of execution, Xena and Gabrielle are granted one hour to prepare and present an argument in Eve's defense before she dies. As Varia drags Eve off, Xena notices that Varia's sword is identical to one that Ares gave Livia. When Xena confronts Varia with some expert kung-fu moves, it becomes obvious that Ares has been training her and Varia admits as much, claiming that Ares is helping her build the Amazon nation. 

Back in the courtroom, Xena scolds Eve for returning to Amazon territory, but Eve insists that she is haunted by her past and wants to be punished for her actions. Understanding, Xena instructs Eve tell the full story to the council. Eve reveals that Ares manipulated her into taking over Amazon lands and enslaving their people, insisting it was necessary for her to do so in order to spread her name all over the world. Shocked by Eve's account, Varia soon confronts Ares. When she accuses him of being behind the raid that killed her family, he vows he did it for the good of the Amazon nation and convinces her that the only way to avenge her sisters' deaths is to conquer the Romans. 

Later at the council lodge, the Amazons threaten Gabrielle's rank when she refuses to vote in favor of executing Eve. Xena arrives just as Gabrielle enters a guilty vote. Gabrielle chases after Xena and tries to explain that if she loses her rank as Queen, there's no hope for Eve. When Xena finally confronts Ares, he admits that his goal is to get both the Romans and Amazons to worship him and he suggests that Xena use force to save Eve. Xena returns as Varia is about to condemn Eve, but Gabrielle suddenly grabs the royal scepter from Varia, snaps it in half and uses her rite of challenge to instigate a showdown. A shackled Eve sits in Gabrielle's corner with Xena and the brutal fight begins. Brilliantly trained by Ares, Varia easily defeats Gabrielle, finally knocking her unconscious. Xena rushes to Gabrielle's side while Eve is hauled off to the lava pit to face her fate. When Gabrielle comes to, she is overwhelmed with sorrow at the thought that Xena might have to wage war against the Amazons to save Eve. Xena is taunted by Ares as she races towards to the lava pit. There she leaps in front of Varia, accusing her of trying to assuage her guilt over not killing Livia during the raid years before when she had the chance. That action might have saved her sisters. Varia lashes out and the two engage in a heated battle, balancing on pillars above the burning lava. Xena ultimately prevails and cuts Eve free. Eve warns the Amazons that only pain lies ahead if they follow Ares and an emotional Varia declares that there will be no more fighting. Back at the council lodge, Varia pardons Eve and a celebration ensues. Eve says goodbye to Xena and Gabrielle before heading east to continue spreading the message of Eli.

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