Clones 6.16 Send In The Clones
1st Airdate~ April 21, 2001
Writer:  Paul Coyle
Director: Charlie Haskell
Guest Appearances:
Alexis Los Almos/Alti: Claire Stansfield
Clea: Alison Wall
Polly: Polly Baigent
Mac: Ian Hughes
Episode Disclaimer

No Xena fans were harmed during the production of this episode.

Log Line: In a modern-day episode, a clone of Xena (Lucy Lawless) battles her arch-enemy, the evil Alti (Claire Stansfield).  At a modern day airport, the mysterious Alexis Los Alamos (Claire Stansfield) meets a man and exchanges an envelope for a tattered ancient chakram and samples of black and blond hair. Meanwhile, in an apartment, three die-hard Xena: Warrior Princess fans, Clea (Alison Wall), Polly (Polly Baigent) and Mac (Ian Hughes) watch numerous episodes of Xena, choosing key clips. Alexis calls to inform them that phase one is complete and asks how the clip reels are coming. Promising to meet Alexis at her laboratory in 72 hours, the three fans agree that for the good of Xena, Gabrielle  and the world, their plan had better work.


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At the lab three days later, Alexis confirms that the experiment was successful and directs Polly, Clea and Mac to glass chambers containing replicas of Xena and Gabrielle. Alexis reveals that she cloned them from ancient hair she received from the tomb of the scrolls, but their minds are still empty. Polly wires and prepares the clones while Alexis decides that Polly's clips, which highlight Xena's fighting skills, should be downloaded first. Fight sequences from numerous episodes play across the monitors as the information is installed into the clones. Later that night, a mystery person enters the lab and downloads violent clips from Xena's evil days into the memory of the Xena clone, causing her vital signs to rise significantly.

The next day, Polly is giving Gabrielle a haircut when Mac suddenly realizes that another download occurred during the night and alerts the others. The three are horrified to learn that scenes from Xena's evil days were purposely downloaded to sabotage their experiment. The clones' life signs rapidly elevate, indicating they are going to awaken any moment. In a feeble attempt to reverse the damage of the evil Xena downloads, Mac quickly installs Clea's compilation of Gabrielle clips into Xena. Moments later, the glass of the chamber shatters and the Xena clone emerges and puts the pinch on Mac looking for an explanation. As Xena surveys her surroundings, she spots Gabrielle and the two recognize each other. The fans inform Xena and Gabrielle that they were cloned because the world is in desperate need of heroes. 

The fans show Xena and Gabrielle episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess to test how much memory they've retained. When the clones discuss what they should do, Xena announces that acts of humanity do not really interest her. Hearing that, Alexis informs Gabrielle that they may have unleashed the evil Xena. Ignoring Polly's protests, Alexis leads Gabrielle outside, where she all of a sudden makes a scene, accusing Gabrielle of breaking into the lab in order to attract the attention of nearby police officers. When the police approach and try to apprehend a confused Gabrielle, she tells them that she was cloned and pulls out her sais, aiming it at them. Inside the lab, Xena and the fans are discussing the role of Joxer when Alexis barges in and reports that Gabrielle has been arrested. Lying, she says that Gabrielle curiously climbed into the police car and then pulled her sais on the cops. Alexis immediately gives Xena directions to the city jail and hands over her chakram. Now suspicious, Clea inquires where the chakram came from. Before their eyes, Alexis morphs into Xena's enemy Alti, revealing that she had recreated the evil Xena so they could unite and take over the world. The group shifts their attention to the monitors where a newswoman is reporting that someone impersonating Xena attacked numerous cops in order to release a woman dressed as Gabrielle from jail.

After springing Gabrielle from jail, the two hide out at an auto-wrecking yard where Xena attempts to mold a hubcap into a sword. Moments later, Alti and her hostages, Cleo, Polly and Mac, arrive in a car. Alti approaches Xena unarmed and reminds her of their past together. Gabrielle begs Xena to ignore her, but Xena pushes her aside. In desperation, Gabrielle grabs Xena and begins to flood her with memories, hoping to spark her memory. As their eyes lock, Xena remembers her love for Gabrielle and turns on Alti. Gabrielle releases the fans as Alti jumps back in the car and attempts to run Xena down, but she misses and knocks down a power line in the process. Xena drags Alti out of the car and slams her onto the hood as the live wire hits, electrocuting her. Before their eyes, Alti's spirit rises and her body transforms into a pile of ash, while a fire started by the live wire spreads towards barrels of propane. Without hesitation, Xena and Gabrielle send the fans to safety and rush towards the barrels just as they explode. Assuming their heroes to be dead, the fans walk home solemnly, not noticing a bus with two passengers clearly resembling Xena and Gabrielle drive by.

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