Centaurs 6.17 Last of the Centaurs
1st Airdate~ April 28th , 2001
Writer:   Joel Metzger
Director: Garth Maxwell
Guest Appearances:
Belach: Marton Csokas
Ephiny: Danielle Cormack
Xenan: Hamish Hector-Taylor 
Nicha: Katrina Devine
Madra: Margaret-Mary Hollins 
Natassa: Kim Michalis
Episode Disclaimer


Log Line: Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) must save a young centaur from the clutches of Lord Belach (Marton Csokas). 


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A handsome young centaur, Xenan (Hamish Hector-Taylor), watches discreetly as his fellow centaurs battle soldiers on horseback. When the soldiers spot Xenan, he faces them bravely before darting off. Meanwhile, as Xena and Gabrielle shop in a local market, they notice the town crier holding a wanted poster of a centaur and announcing that Lord Belach (Marton Csokas) has placed a reward on his head. As Xena leaves to investigate, Gabrielle suddenly hears the voice of the deceased Ephiny. When Xena returns, Gabrielle reveals that Ephiny's spirit warned her that Ephiny's son, Xenan, is in grave danger and Xena must save him. The women set off for Belach's castle. Posing as bounty hunters, Xena, Gabrielle and the invisible Ephiny are taken to Lord Belach, the spitting image of Xena's ex-lover Borias. Belach insists that Xenan has kidnapped his daughter Nicha (Katrina Devine) who, prior to her disappearance, had become a recluse. Ephiny is infuriated by Belach's accusation and Gabrielle tries to calm her down. Xena asks Belach if his father was Borias, hero to the centaurs, and suggests using his father's legacy to retrieve Nicha without starting a war. When Belach becomes enraged calling his father a scourge, Xena promises to return his daughter safely. 

Ephiny senses her son's trail and leads Xena and Gabrielle on a mission to find Xenan, get Nicha back to her father and guide the centaurs to the sacred Amazon land between Greece and Thrace. Discovering Xenan at the entrance to a cave, Xena and Gabrielle approach him and explain that they actually helped his mother give birth to him. Ephiny, knowing that her son is skeptical, asks Gabrielle to tell him that his mother is present. Gabrielle even recites a lullaby that Ephiny used to sing to him as proof. Xenan's face fills with hope and he brings an enormously pregnant Nicha out of hiding and introduces her to his new friends. Nicha admits that she refused visitors so no one would know she was pregnant, but she missed Xenan so much that she fled to join him. Knowing that Belach is after him, Xenan has stayed away from his brothers, but Ephiny is convinced that he would be safer with them. When Gabrielle offers to escort the centaurs to a secret valley, Xenan is overjoyed and leads them to join his brothers.

As they travel to meet Xenan's brothers, Gabrielle corners Xena and presses her for information about her and Borias' relationship. In the past, Xena was a warrior in Borias' army, as well as his secret lover. When Borias' son, Belach, witnessed Xena's seduction of his father, Xena warned him "...never step between two people and their passion" before returning to Borias. Back in the present, Xena insists that it was her fault Belach lost his father and she refuses to let him lose his daughter. The four finally reach the spot where the other centaurs are supposed to be, but there is no sign of them. After telling them that Belach is the son of Borias, Xena sends them off to search for the centaurs while she pays Belach a visit. Belach, incensed when Xena tells him that Nicha is with the centaurs voluntarily because she is pregnant and in love, orders his men to find Xenan and kill him on sight. Just as Belach is about to leave, Xena utters the same phrase to him as the night he was spying. When it registers who she is, he turns, but she is already gone. Xena flees the castle and steals a horse while Belach orders his men to chase her. Leading them on an obstacle course, she outwits him and his men. Meanwhile, Xenan, Nicha and Gabrielle enter the centaur camp and are stunned to find an enormous ditch filled with human and horse limbs, leaving Xenan as the last of the centaurs. When Xenan attempts to go after Belach, Gabrielle convinces him that he must stay alive and let Xena handle it. Meanwhile, Belach awakens and thanks Xena for having shown him his father's true colors. Xena defends Borias telling Belach that he is worse than his father ever could have been. When the voices of Belach's soldiers ring through the forest, Xena mounts her horse telling him that she is going to inform Nicha of who he really is. 

At an abandoned farm, Gabrielle prepares to deliver Nicha's baby. Xenan notices Belach's men searching the forest and darts out, figuring the men will chase him, but they ignore him and continue to look for Nicha. Hearing the soldiers, Gabrielle and Nicha hide, but the bounty hunters hear Nicha's groans. Xena rides in and battles the two hunters before joining Gabrielle and delivering Nicha's baby. Suddenly, Belach appears and offers to trade Xenan, who's standing with a rope around his neck, for his daughter. Xena refuses and Ephiny, realizing that Xena's chakram is with Gabrielle, tries to fetch it, but is unable to pick it up. In a last effort, Ephiny spooks the horse who kicks it, sending it to Xena in the nick of time. The chakram cuts Xenan's ropes and a huge battle ensues. Xena sends Xenan off to get Nicha and the baby, but Belach orders Nicha to come with him. When Xena arrives and aims her chakram at Belach's head, he still doesn't budge. It's not until Xena recounts the truth of her and Borias' relationship that Belach crumbles and calls off the bounty, claiming that Nicha and Xenan should be together.

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