Hautning 6.2 The Haunting of Amphipolis
1st Airdate:
October 15th, 2000
Writer:  Edithe Swensen & Joel Metzger
Director: Garth Maxwell
Guest Appearances:
Cyrene ~ Darien Takle 
Mephistopheles ~ Anthony Ray Parker 
Episode Disclaimer

No maggots were harmed during the making of this motion picture, although a few were found stuck in
Gabrielle's teeth. 

Log Line: Xena is forced to battle Mephistopheles when she returns to Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve to find her home haunted by evil. 


This summary is from Todd Allen Hamilton

Archangels Michael and Raphael watch from heaven as Xena, Eve, and Gabby journey to Amphipolis.  The two angels talk of the destiny that awaits Xena. It seems that the home coming Xena expects will not be. Instead another challenge awaits her and Heaven is praying that she can conquer the evil ahead and protect it's messenger, Eve. They arrive at Amphipolis expecting a cheerful reunion with Cyrene but find that Amphipolis has become a ghost town. The town is completely run down and empty. It looks as if no one have lived there for years. As they journey deeper into the city a storm starts to form and the three women seek shelter in what used to be Cyrene¹s tavern. Once inside, Xena is startled to see that the tavern has been run down and unkept as well.  

Eve senses an evil presence in the tavern, although she is not sure how she could feel it. Xena takes a look upstairs for her mother and While investigating she hears someone scream. As she tries to find the source of the scream she catches a glimpse of her mother being hustled around the corner by a couple of men. Xena tries to catch up to them but stumbles into a dead end. Meanwhile, down stairs, Eve watches as a ghostly version of Cyrene is ushered down the stairs and out on to the street. As they walk past Eve, Cyrene passes through her. Xena arrives back down stairs with Gabby just seconds after the ghost has passed through Eve. She informs Xena that she felt Cyrene's spirit past through her and some how she knows her grandmother is dead and her soul is in torment. Hearing this news Xena heads to the mausoleum to find answers to what happened to her mother and why she is not at rest.

At the mausoleum, Xena finds her mother's coffin and discovers that her mothers remains are burned and that some one has desecrated her burial site. A older man who lived in the village arrives and Xena asks him what happened to her mother. The man explains to her that a few years after her rumored death a great and evil being known as Mephistopheles took control of the village. He cursed her mother's tavern and infested it with evil spirits. After several bad things had happened in the village, the towns folk decided that Cyrene was a witch for Mephistopheles. One night they drug her out of her tavern and burned her at the stake. Because of this her soul became Mephistopheles' and she has lived in torment in the tavern ever since that night.

Meanwhile, as a storm builds, Eve finds herself drawn to certain spot in the courtyard of the tavern. Gabby joins her in the courtyard and Eve tells Gabrielle that she feels that a great evil is coming. They go back into the tavern and talk as Gabby begins to eat from a plate of fruit. Eve glances down at the fruit and the food is instantly infested with maggots. Sickened by the sight Eve asks Gabby if she has eaten any of it yet. Gabby then notices the maggots on the piece of fruit she has just taken a bite from. Gabrielle rushes off to the bathroom while Eve grabs the plate and runs outside with it. In the bathroom Gabby watches in horror as chunks of rotting and maggot filled flesh begins peeling from her hands and arms until all the remains is the skeleton. Outside, Eve tosses the plate of rotted fruit and as she watches it spread across the court yard the maggots grow in number and continue to do so. Out of some instinct inside her, Eve begins to pray in the name of Eli to cast out the evil presence, pounding the ground until eventually the maggots disappear and Gabrielle's arms are restored.   

Xena heads back to the tavern as Gabby attempts to return from the bathroom. As she walks down the hall way she notices an strange design on the floor. As she looks at it she begins to hear sounds and voices. They seem faint and at first seem to be coming from every where. As she listens she begins to think they are coming from the floor where the design is. Gabby squats on the floor and lowers her head to listen and as she does, several hands reach out of the floor and grab her. As Gabby is pulling into the floor, Eve watches as a similar design forms out in the court yard. Suddenly she is aware of why she is there and what is happening. Quickly she jumps back to her feet and runs for the tavern to find Gabby.

Xena arrives and is unable to get back in to the tavern. something is keeping the door from opening. As she tries to force the door open, Eve arrives and let's her in. The two then start looking for Gabby who has seemed to have disappeared. As they walk past the area where Gabby was pulled into the floor, Xena can hear Gabby screaming for help. As they pass over the strange design Xena notices it and after a moment she realizes that Gabby's screams seem to becoming from the design. Quickly she crouches to the ground and plunges her hand into what seems to be some porthole or vortex to another realm. Gabby is able to get Xena's hand and with Eve's help they pull Gabby free. They then take her to the showers so she can clean off the ooze that she is now covered in.

While Gabby showers Eve tells Xena she is certain Mephistopheles is preparing for war, and that its no accident she's present for this battle. As Gabrielle is showering, blood wells up from stigmata puncture wounds in her hands and feet and she collapses. Xena goes back into the tavern to see how Gabby is doing while Eve watches as blood begins to ooze out of the floors and pour from the walls of the courtyard. Back at the shower Gabrielle rises up from where she fell only she is not Gabby any more but some type of demon. Xena finds the now possessed Gabby and wrestles her to the ground. She then ties Gabby up and begins to talk to her. Gabby now speaks Mephistopheles, The King of Hell.

He tells Xena that he will not release Cyrene¹s soul unless they spill Eve's blood. He needs this to happen so that he can enter into our world. Xena refuses and Eve arrives to pray for Gabrielle's soul and Gabrielle is finally cleansed and free of the possession. Outside a steaming Hell mouth has opened up in the courtyard. Realizing that this will not end until Mephistopheles is dead, Xena decides to battle him on the spiritual realm. In order to do this she has Gabby put the pinch on her.

In Hell Xena confronts Mephistopheles but is unable to harm him. It seems that she can only bring him harm or injury if he is made flesh in the real world. He also warns her that if she were to kill him then she would have to take his place as ruler of Hell. With Xena refusing to spill Eve's blood for him, he then turns to Eve her self. Mephistopheles torments Eve as she prays Eli and Heaven by reminding her of her bloody past as the warrior Livia. Eve is shocked to see a reflection of Livia, who steps out of a mirror to confront her. Livia instructs her to obey the will of Mephistopheles if she wants to release the innocent victims from their torment. Gabby desperately tries to bring Xena back and after several failed attempts to release the pinch she finally succeeds. The two then race back into the tavern to find Eve is exhausted and near death.

Eve is ready to sacrifice herself to stop Mephistopheles but Xena has another plan. She intends to bring Mephistopheles into the world in order to beat him here. Gabby objects to this but after Eve agrees to do it and begs her to help, she gives in and joins Xena and Eve in this great battle. Eve cuts her palm and spills a few drops of blood, unleashing Mephistopheles who emerges from the Hell mouth. Once he is made flesh, Gabby takes Eve away from the area and Xena begins her attack. Mephistopheles, confident Xena will not want to take his place in Hell, is shocked when she ends their battle by plunging her sword into his chest. As he passes away Xena adopts the power and evil of the former Hell King. 

As this happens Eve is reunited with the soul of Cyrene and the two get to say hello and goodbye. Xena also gets a chance to say goodbye to her mother who thanks her for releasing her soul. Then in a flash of light, Cyrene is taken to heaven. As the three women now stand over the Hell Mouth, Eve informs them that this is not over yet and there is more evil to come.

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