Gurkham 6.4 Who's Gurkham?
1st Airdate:
October 29, 2000
Writer:  RJ Stewart 
Director: Michael Hurst
Guest Appearances:
Eve ~ Adrienne Wilkinson 
Virgil ~ William Gregory Lee 
Gurkhan ~ Calvin Tuteao 
Lila ~ Willa O'Neill 
Sonata ~ Tandie Wright 
Episode Disclaimer

Xena's uncanny ability to recover from devastating wounds was not harmed during the production of this
motion picture. 

Log Line: Lila tells Gabrielle the fate of family members which leads her and Xena to North
Africa on a trail of vengeance. 


This summary is from the Official Xena Webpage

 Xena (Lucy Lawless), Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson), and Virgil (William Gregory Lee) accompany Gabrielle (Renee O' Connor) back to her family's home in Poteidaia. Gabrielle's now middle-aged sister Lila (Willa O'Neill) is shocked to see her alive. After explaining that she was frozen for 25 years, Gabrielle learns that her sister has suffered terribly in her absence. Lila tells her that eight years earlier, her daughter Sarah was captured by the evil raider Gurkhan (Calvin Tuteao) and taken to the North African city of Mogador. When their parents and Lila's husband tried to buy her back, Gurkhan had all three beheaded. Outraged, Gabrielle vows to find Sarah and destroy Gurkhan. As they sail towards Mogador, Eve warns Gabrielle that killing Gurkhan will be incredibly difficult because he keeps his identity secret. Concerned that Gabrielle's thirst for revenge may result in a suicide mission, Xena slips her friend a sleeping potion in the guise of a seasickness cure and goes ashore with Virgil to begin the hunt for Gurkhan. Posing as a pirate and slave trader, Virgil leads Xena, disguised has his sexy prisoner Sophia, into the marketplace where an appreciative auctioneer quickly confirms that she will undoubtedly end up with Gurkhan himself. Placed in a holding cell, Xena meets two young slaves, Milda (Gina Varela) and Lana (Michelle Langstone), before being placed on the auction block. Once there, she realizes that three different men, all identified as Gurkhan the Magnificent, are bidding on her, concealing the identity of the real one. She is quickly snapped up by Gurkhan #2. Meanwhile, just as Virgil is returning to the ship, Gabrielle awakens from her induced sleep and berates him for having been left behind. 

Xena and Milda are being primped for presentation to Gurkhan by a terrified servant named Yo (Jo Lo) when Sonata (Jandi Wright), a spiteful woman and Gurkhan's number one wife, grabs Xena by the hair and verbally abuses the wives. Xena notices a silhouette of a man lingering behind a screen before she and a number of the other women are led into an opulent main hall in which the three Gurkhans are enjoying a host of sensual delights. Xena is shocked when Virgil, still disguised as the slave trader, enters with a beautifully decked-out Gabrielle and announces he wishes to present her as a gift. At Virgil's request, Gabrielle begins dancing seductively for the Gurkhans. Spotting a dagger hidden in Gabrielle's waistband and fearing for her friend's life, Xena quickly disarms Gabrielle and knocks her out just as she's being summoned to the chamber of the real Gurkhan. Xena covers her actions by brazenly insisting she'll allow no one to have Gurkhan before she does. She is immediately surrounded by guards and carried off. In the harem bedroom that night, Gabrielle emerges victorious from a catfight with Lana and Milda, knowing they're the only other women she can trust. Meanwhile, in the dungeon, two Nubian eunuchs drug Xena with a powerful narcotic and proceed to torture her. Barely alive, Xena hears a man's voice say the name "Sarah." At dawn the next day, a man enters her cell and asks her why she had a knife. After convincing him that she was proving her faithfulness to Gurkhan, he orders the guard to brand her. 

When Xena is finally released from her cell, she tells a depressed Gabrielle that she heard a man say Sarah's name. Xena assures her that she has a plan that will set Gurkhan up for Gabrielle to kill. Later, the wives are gathered and instructed to lay face down by the power-hungry Sonata. When Gurkhan #2 enters the room and declares that Xena will spend the night with him, Xena recognizes his voice and realizes he's the man who visited her in the dungeon and the bona fide Gurkhan. He tells her that name will now be Dulcinea. That night, after Xena drives him nearly insane with a sensual dance, she tells him she wants Sarah's head on a plate. Gurkhan agrees and Sonata, whose real name is Sarah, is dragged off. When Xena is finally alone with the lust-crazed Gurkhan, she has him send a guard to fetch Gabrielle. As Gurkhan motions for her to join them, Xena knocks him out and hands Gabrielle a dagger, commanding her to kill him. But Gabrielle cannot find it in herself to kill in cold blood. Moments later, the two enter Sarah's cell, introduce themselves and Sarah and Gabrielle share a long-awaited hug. Xena sees to it that Gurkhan is beheaded and the women escape back to the ship and set sail.

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