Rheingold 6.7 The Rhinegold
1st Airdate~ November 12th, 2000
Writer: James Kahn
Director: Rick Jacobson 
Guest Appearances:
Brunnhilda~ Brittney Powell
Monster Grinhilda~ Roger Morrisey
Beowulf ~ Renato Bartolomei
Odin ~ Alexander Petersons
Grinhilda ~ Luanne Gordon
First Rhein Maiden ~ Marama Jackson
Second Rhein Maiden ~ Lucy Tommas
Third Rhein Maiden ~ Stephanie Bertram
Grindl ~ Glen Levy
Episode Disclaimer

No flying heroes were harmed in the making of this motion picture, although several villagers were
bombarded with aerial manure. 

Log Line: Xena embarks on a deadly mission involving her dark past when the Norse warrior Beowulf approaches her for help. 


This summary is from the Official Xena Webpage

• Back in her days as a ruthless warrior, Xena, (Lucy Lawless) sporting a gold ring and a chain with an intricate lock, swoops in on a flying horse and battles a fearsome beast. Skillfully maneuvering it into an abandoned mine equipped with an iron-barred gate, she secures the entrance with the lock from her necklace. Leaning nonchalantly on the gate, Xena is astonished when the creature swipes the gleaming gold ring off her finger. Having no chance of triumph without the ring, Xena flees. 

Now, 35 years later, a warrior named Beowulf (Renato Bartolomei) approaches Xena and Gabrielle (Renee Oš Connor) in a rustic tavern. Upon introducing himself, he pulls out the infamous lock that is engraved with two ravens, the sign of Odin. Stunned, Xena ushers him to a corner to speak with him privately. When Gabrielle inquires about the incident, Xena refuses to discuss it, telling her friend only that it involves something from her distant past. Gabrielle awakens the next morning to find a message from Xena that shešs gone to take care of some highly dangerous unfinished business. Though Xena implores her not to follow, Gabrielle pursues her friend for weeks, traveling further and further north. Arriving in the market of a Norse village one day, Gabrielle notices a tapestry depicting a raven-haired woman warrior, surrounded by other female warriors, all riding flying horses. She is shocked when a young girl, Brunnhilda (Brittney Powell), tells her that the striking warrior in the center is Xena. At Gabriellešs request, the girl begins to tell the story of her hero... 

Back in the past, as Xena rides through the forest, she encounters Odin, King of the Norse gods (Alexander Petersons), who is on the verge of death by his own hand. Odin is distraught that he has been unable to bring peace to his people, but Xena manages to bring him out of despair by sharing with him her lust for life. In return, she is made a Valkyrie, one of Odinšs elite guard. But Odinšs mistress Grinhilda (Luanne Gordon), the leader of the Valkyrie, soon sees how ruthless Xena can be. Angered by Xenašs manipulation of Odin, Grinhilda tries to warn him, but he turns a deaf ear. Brunnhilda continues her tale later that evening, after Gabrielle agrees to let her tag along as she tracks Xena. In the past once again, Xena complains to Odin that she is dissatisfied with the powers hešs bestowed on her as a Valkyrie. When Odin refuses to divulge the secret of the Rheingold, she feigns a broken heart. Ultimately, he tells her enough for her to begin her quest, warning her that the Rheingold is very dangerous to someone who has not forsaken love. 

Upon hearing that Xena is moving up the Rhein River in search of the Rhein Maidens and the Rheingold, Grinhilda angrily confronts Odin and takes off with her brigade to stop Xena. A battle ensues, in which Xena kicks Grinhilda unconscious. Back in the present, when Gabrielle mentions Beowulf and the lock, Brunnhilda declares that Xena has embarked on a "suicide mission." Meanwhile, Xena, hiking along the Rhein River with Beowulf, lapses into a series of flashbacks of her swimming with three Rhein Maidens. Convincing the First Rhein Maiden (Marama Jackson) to take her to the Rheingold, shešs led to an underwater cavern where the Maiden points out a box concealing the infamous gold. When the Maiden warns her not to touch it, Xena cruelly tosses her aside, declaring that the Rheingold can do her no harm since shešs already forsaken love. Xena melts the gold and molds a powerful ring from it. 

Again in the present, Xena and Beowulf approach a house with bloody limbs strewn about the yard. Bravely the two enter and wait for the beast to emerge. Meanwhile, Brunnhilda briefs Gabrielle on Grindl (Glen Levy), the creature Xena locked up more than three decades earlier in the mine. Brunnhilda explains that legend has it that Grindl was once a loving creature, but finally gave up love after such a lengthy imprisonment and was then able to use the power of the ring to escape. Inside the house, Grindl attacks Xena and Beowulf mercilessly. When Gabrielle and Brunnhilda finally arrive, they find a bloody Beowulf, who sadly tells them that Xena was hauled off by the monster.

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