Return of the Valkyrie 6.9 Return of the Valkyrie
1st Airdate: December 3rd, 2000
Writer: Emily Skopov
Director: John Fawcett
Guest Appearances:
Brunnhilda ~ Brittney Powell
Monster Grinhilda ~ Roger Morrissey
Beowulf ~ Renato Bartolomei
Odin ~ Alexander Petersons
Waltraute ~ Victoria Hill
Grinhilda ~ Luanne Gordon
Wiglaf ~ Dean O'Gorman
Episode Disclaimer

Any similarities between our story and the classic children's fairy tale is purely coincidental.

Log Line: Xena battles to regain her memory and reverse the curse of the Rheingold ring. 


This summary is from the Official Xena Webpage

Beowulf (Renato Bartolomei) and the young Viking Wiglaf (Dean O'Gorman) witness the slaughter of several warriors by the ferocious monster Grinhilda (Luanne Gordon) as they attempt to rescue the slumbering Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) and the Rheingold ring from the circle of fire that surrounds them. Beowulf is aware that only Xena (Lucy Lawless), Gabrielle's true soulmate, can pass through the flames and release her. But believing Xena to be dead, Beowulf decides he will try to launch himself over the flames and sets out with Wiglaf for Denmark to obtain a catapult from its ruler, Hrothgar (John Leigh). They arrive in the Norse village to find that it's Hrothgar's wedding day and Beowulf is stunned to see that the bride Wealthea is actually Xena. But when he calls out Xena's name, he gets no reaction. As the ceremony gets under way, Xena/Wealthea is suddenly overcome with vivid flashbacks of the Rheingold and Grinhilda. 

Hildegyth (Genevieve McClean), Hrothgar's jealous sister, warns him that he's made a grave mistake marrying Wealthea. Later, when she notices Beowulf's frustration as he tries unsuccessfully to get Xena/Wealthea's attention, she suggests to him that they work together and brings him to meet Hrothgar. But the ruler angrily banishes him when he insists that Walthea's real name is Xena and pleads for her help in rescuing Gabrielle. Hildegyth then approaches Beowulf and Wiglaf with another plan to get rid of Xena/Wealthea. That night, Beowulf, wearing an elaborate mask, surprises Xena in her chamber. When she unmasks him, he tries to explain who he is, but he cannot trigger her memory. Suddenly, Hildegyth and Hrothgar barge in to find the two in what looks to be a compromising position. Silencing Xena, an irate Hrothgar has them seized and hauled off. But Beowulf manages to break free and grabs Xena's hand, vowing to save Gabrielle. Beowulf's hand becomes Gabrielle's as Xena has a momentary hallucination. Meanwhile, back at Valhalla, Odin (Alexander Petersons) informs Waltraute (Victoria Hill) that their enemy Xena is still alive. 

Later, Xena, still suffering from amnesia, instinctively throws herself between two Vikings as they engage in a brawl. After the incident, Beowulf reminds her that although she taught Odin his violent ways, her worldview changed as a result of her friendship with Gabrielle. Soon Odin, Waltraute and two Valkyrie swoop in. Beowulf prepares his men for battle, but Xena insists on reasoning with them rather than fighting. When Waltraute and Odin attack, Xena skillfully escapes injury and calmly hands Odin's axe back to him. Ordering Waltraute to return to Valhalla with him, Odin assures her that he has a brilliant plan to recover the Rheingold ring from Xena and finally make it his own. This infuriates Waltraute since Odin had promised it to her. 

Meanwhile, Gabrielle appears to Xena again, telling her she is the key to Xena's past. When Gabrielle disappears, Xena questions Beowulf about her own history and the monster she created. He reassures her that the good she's accomplished outweighs the evil. The next day in the Eastwind Bog, Xena examines the ring of fire that encircles Gabrielle. A horrific scream is heard and Grinhilda ambushes Xena, choking her. Xena stabs the monster and springs to her feet, but Grinhilda lashes out again. On Xena's signal, Beowulf drops a net over the beast, allowing Xena to step through the flames towards Gabrielle. Mesmerized by her friend's beauty, memories flood Xena's mind, bringing tears to her eyes. Grinhilda's roar brings Xena out of her reverie and she runs back through the flames to find an injured Beowulf in Grinhilda's arms. Reminding Xena that she killed her son, Grinhilda charges her. Xena tells Grinhilda that she wants to help, not fight, and urges her to believe in herself. Suddenly, Grinhilda is transformed back to her stunningly beautiful Valkyrie form. A thrilled Grinhilda and Xena mount flying horses and ride off to Valhalla. Arriving in the middle of a feast, Xena catches a dagger hurled at her by Waltraute just as Grinhilda enters, startling everyone. When Xena demands that Odin reinstate Grinhilda as head of the Valkyrie, a fuming Waltraute lashes out, forcing Xena to kill her. Later at the Rhein River, Xena happily returns the ring back to the Rhein Maidens. She then heads for the Eastwind Bog and passes back through the circle of fire. Beowulf watches as Xena kneels next to Gabrielle and kisses her, finally releasing her from her deep sleep.

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