Surprise: Hercules Ep 3-12 Hercules 3.12 Surprise
1st Airdate:

Guest Appearances:
Callisto ~ Hudson Leick



After being trapped in Tartarus AGAIN by Xena, Callisto is approached by Hera, Hercules' step-mother, with a mission for her. She must kill Hercules. If she does, she'll be alive again and immortal. Callisto agrees! Hercules comes home to a birthday party to find all the guests passed out, except the uninvited one, Callisto. Still walking around in her dead body, Callisto tells Hercules that his family & friends are fine, for the time being. They will need to eat from the Tree of Life in order to live, the only thing to cure them from the poison she gave, and only she knows how to get there. But she'll need his help to get through the obstacles. Hercules agrees, reluctantly and takes Callisto to the cavern. After several obstacles, Hercules walks into a trap and within seconds he positions himself between two doors that will close forever. Callisto requests her award and another chamber opens to the Tree of Life. She walks in, eats an apple and becomes immortal! Just so Hercules can't help his family, she burns the tree down. Hercules frees himself and attacks her, leaving her with a scar across her face. He takes one piece of an apple not burnt and traps Callisto in the room with the burning tree as she screams eternally!! Hercules returns home in time to save his family & friends. Happy Birthday, Hercules!! If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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