Desperately Xeeking Xena Desperately Xeeking Xena
1st Airdate:
October 31st, 1999
Guest Appearances:
Lucy Lawless ~ Xena



The 10th Annual Simpsons Halloween Special

The kids of Springfield are having their candy bags x-rayed by Chief Wigam when the machine is jammed and starts to give off rays of radiation. Lisa and Bart are struck by the rays and given super powers, Lisa is Clobber Girl with super strength, and Bart is Stretch Boy with elasticity.

Elsewhere, Lucy Lawless dressed as Xena is guest appearing at a convention. She answers a few questions about inconsistencies on the show. Suddenly, the comic book guy, disguised as The Collector, crashes through the cieling on a huge magnet. He kidnaps Lucy by turning on the magnet which picks her up by her breast plate. Lucy tries to take it off, but all the fans below grab out their cameras and she decides not to.

The Collector tells Lucy that he wants Xena as his bride. Lucy tells him she is just an actress, not really Xena! While Bart and Lisa are cleaning their yard with their super powers, they see the Collector drive by with Lucy hanging on the magnet. They chase after.

The Collector adds Lucy to his collection by putting her in a huge mylar bag. He also has Gilligan, the Lost In Space Robot, 7 of 9, Dr. Who, Steven Spielberg and Spock. Lisa and Bart crash in to try to save her, but Lisa is struck by the only real laser gun ever made that was used once to stop William Shatner from making another album. Bart is knocked out by being struck by the gun thrown at him. The Collector lowers Lisa and Bart into a lucite pool while he tells Lucy the names he wants to be called on their wedding night. Lucy tricks the Collector into thinking she wants a kiss and she grabs his lips and hits him. He falls down to the ground and she jumps off the wall, gives off her battle cry, still in the mylar bag, and attacks him. He pulls out his Star Wars double sabar and opens the package to attack Lucy with it. Lucy gasps and says she can't believe he took it out of it's original packaging. He can't believe it and falls backwards into the lucite.

Bart and Lisa thank Lucy for saving them. She says she better take them home and she picks them both up and flies up into the sky. Lisa looks confused and asks if she is Xena. She responds no, I'm just Lucy Lawless......

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