Episode Poster

Buy A Piece Of
Xena History

Over the last 4 years I have been
putting together episode collages
representing each individual show.

Now that the show is over
(or will be in June), I have created
an 11x17 poster of the collages as
a tribute to the 6 years of Xena.
You may have seen this poster
in Pasadena. Theresa, Renee,
and Angie had copies they were
getting signed.

So if you are interested in a copy of
this poster, email me directly at 

The cost is $10 plus shipping
and handling. The quality is VERY
high. These cannot be shipped
until the last episode (because I
need screen grabs from that ep
to create the last 5 collages.
But what better keepsake is there?

Click here to see the collages up
close with better detail.