Xenaversity Website Awards!!!

Award Our very FIRST Award!!!
Thank you, Leeloomna!!
Our hard work pays off with
every episode of Xena!

Xenamedia Chakram Award Our 2nd award! Here's what they had to say:
"We choose your site because your site has
a great design and a lot to offer,we spent some
time at your site, that is for sure. Anyway you
did a great job!"
Thank you, Xenamedia!!

TC Award Thank you very much, Andrew, for awarding
the Xenaversity website. It's a labor of love!!
Here's what Andrew had to say
"Congratulations! You've been awarded with
the "TC Award - Excellence in Content"
for your work on "Xenaversity of Minnesota"
for the month of June 1999! Your site provides
Xenites with bountiful information and fun things
to do and see! Thanks for giving us a lasting site
that everyone can enjoy!"


October 1999, The Xenaversity would love to thank Lee from Pacific Northwest Online Xena Fan Club for giving us their Lightning Award and for writing up a great interview! They really enjoyed the work and energy that our club gives out and that is a nice feeling to have! Thanks again, Lee!
Priya Award Thank you very much, Priya Lilly for awarding
the Xenaversity of MN with one of your awards.
After visiting your site, I discovered it was
truly a Xenite who judged our site because
their website is quite impressive itself. I found
several unique things about it and really enjoyed
visiting the site.... We truly do appreciate any
recognition for our work on the Xenaversity of
MN website and club and hope others get
as much out of it as we do!! Thanks again!


Award Congratulations! I've selected your site, Xenaversity of Minnesota, as the Callisto's Army "Site of the Week!" It wasn't submitted, but I have enjoyed it a lot and kind of nominated it myself. You have a lot of great stuff, really wide on variety but not just spread thin like some sites tend to get. Good job! I've already added a link to your site on the award page, and it will remain there for one week, then it will be in the "Past Winners" page.
Kelly Callisto.org Webmistress

MANY THANKS KELLY :) It's nice to have the hard work appreciated...


Award "I have recently redesigned my award
and have been going through many applications
of sites that don't have the warrior stuff. In
seeing your site grow, I feel you deserve this
award! My site was the pioneer for all other
Xena specific awards. Congrats!"