Celebrity & Fan Endorsements!!

Of course we have the endorsements of all the cast and crew that signed the banner,
but now that we are promoting the banner auction in Pasadena online and in the
media, we are getting endorsements for the auction itself! Thanks to everyone
for helping to spread the word!

This is posted on Adrienne's Message Board. Thanks Adrienne!
"Hi, its Adrienne again. Some of you know James a.k.a. 'Cupid' from various convention and other Xena things. He was the designer of the LIVIA/EVE video which you can download in the multimedia section. Anyway, he sent me this email with information that I thought I should share with those attending in Pasadena...its a great cause, and would be a fabulous thing to own. Feel free to pass the word along."
These fans
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banner page!

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Celebrity Endorsements