A Bit Of Banner History

The banner began simply as a prop.  Three Xenaversity members, Lizzy, Matt and Mr. Jamester, got together one afternoon and painted a purple sheet with the famous Xena symbol.  The plan was to hang it from our cabana at a local sci-fi convention to attract attention to our room as a Xena party room.  It worked very well, and we used it at several events after that for the same reason.

Then, an idea was formed.  This was something a bit unusual, why not get it signed by a few of the stars we met at conventions?  And so the banner was brought around the United States by different members to be signed by a handful of stars, 26 to be precise.  Then, another idea was formed.  Why not try to make the banner the most autographed item in fandom?  The problem was just how to do this and what we were going to do with the banner once it was signed.  The club as a whole decided to use any and all contacts we could find to get the banner signed, and that once it was signed we should auction it off for charity. Not only did we want to have actors and actresses, but we wanted cast and crew, anyone who had their hand in the making of Xena: Warrior Princess. We had autographs from the like already, Sharon Delaney and Robert Field.

With the help of some very kind people at Creation Entertainment, we were able to get the banner down to New Zealand and onto the Xena set during the final weeks of filming for the series.  With the help of all the kind Xenites in the world, we plan to auction off the banner, giving all proceeds to local child abuse prevention charities here in Minnesota; take Lucy Lawless' personal cause to heart here at home.  Please note that none of this would have been possible if not for the extreme kindness and hard work of Lori Malin and Sharon Delany of Creation Entertainment.

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