Letter Sent Along With Banner

To the Producers, Writers, Directors, Actors, Composer, Musicians, Costumers, Prop-makers, Set Designers, Set Decorators, Editors, Special Effects Department, Lighting Crew, Camera Crew, Sound Crew, Stunt Personnel, Choreographers, Animal Trainers, Casting, Office Personnel (and Tilly, too)[1],

            We, Xenaversity of Minnesota[2], have a wonderful opportunity to do a Greater Good for our community.  You see before you a giant purple Chakram banner[3].  With your help, we would like it to become the most thoroughly autographed item in Xena fandom.  We ask that all you lovely people[4] please sign it with your name and department or position.  The banner and an accompanying scrapbook documenting the authenticity of the signatures in pictures, is to be auctioned off with proceeds going to charity organizations in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) metropolitan area.

            In light of Lucy Lawless making child abuse prevention a focus to help children in New Zealand, we are dedicating the proceeds to two organizations[5] that help children in the Twin Cities.  The first is the Family Support Network, which supports “positive parenting, healthy families, and homes where children are valued and loved” – seen at  The other is People Serving People, they have three shelters the Minneapolis Public Schools K-12th grade students in need – seen at

            We have yet to decide on a method of auction.  We are looking into internet auction sites (Yahoo,, e-bay) and are considering auctioning it off at the May convention in Pasadena.  We wish the auction to be fair and available to all in fandom.

            This is a project close to our hearts.  We appreciate your time and consideration on our behalf.  We are sending several disposable cameras and ask that a few pictures be taken during the signing of the banner if possible.

                                                                        Ride On!
                                                                        Xenaversity of Minnesota


[1] Disclaimer: No slight was intended in anyone being accidentally overlooked in our opening salutation.  Please feel free to autograph the banner in a bold manner to prevent such a situation from happening again.  (The preventing of end credits being squashed and quickly scrolled is well out of our hands.)

[2] Re: Xenaversity of Minnesota:  We are a Xena: Warrior Princess fan club based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  We have over 200 members internationally.  Our Greater Good Projects in the past year have included cleaning a stretch of local highway, volunteering time at community events, donating food to local food shelves, collecting warm winter wear for distribution throughout the winter and sponsoring a family in need during the holiday season.  Currently we are working on making home made blankets to donate to sick children as part of the “Linus” project.  Visit us at

[3] Re: the banner:  Separated from its other half (a pert purple fitted bottom) during a K-Mart White Sale (Martha Stewart aisle), this purple flat sheet is proud to wear a custom designed chakram.  It has many guest signatures (most documented by photographs) obtained through dedicated convention attending.  It has its own page on our website.

[4] past, present, and (sniff) no future

[5] both organizations are enthusiastic about X:WP the show and our project

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