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Dec 8th, 2000: Charities voted on for banner
February 2001: Banner sent to New Zealand for autographs
March 26th, 2001: Banner returns from New Zealand signed
  with 186 autographs!! including Lucy and Renee's
April 7th, 2001: Xenaversity votes to auction the banner live
   at the Pasadena May Xena Con 2001
May 6th, 2001: We acquire 5 more signatures at the Pasadena Convention, making a total of 191 autographs!!
May 6th, 2001: Creation auctions the banner live in Pasadena and it is sold for $13,000 !!!

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What It Is?
The Xenaversity Banner is a large purple banner with a gold and silver chakram painted in the center.  So what makes it so special?  It's got signatures... many, many signatures... from  many, many people associated with the great show we all know as Xena: Warrior Princess.

The Auction Plans
The Xenaversity of Minnesota fan club has decided to auction the Xenaversity Autographed Banner live at the Pasadena Xena Convention in May of 2001!
The person who purchases this Banner will own a piece of history, but the real benefactors will be the children the proceeds help. This banner, to date, is the BIGGEST COLLECTION OF AUTOGRAPHS accumulated in one area, a unique and original banner that has high monetary and personal value.

The two LOCAL CHARITIES the proceeds of the banner auction will benefit:
Family Support Network, which supports “positive parenting, healthy families, and homes where children are valued and loved”
People Serving People, they have three shelters the Minneapolis Public Schools K-12th grade students in need

SPECIAL THANKS to Creation Entertainment, specifically Gary Berman, Adam Malin, Lori Malin, Tina Giangiacomo and Renaissance Pictures and Sue May for all the help in getting the banner signed!!

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