Article I Name

This Non-Profit Organization shall be known as the "Xenaversity of Minnesota." The abbreviated form of "Xenaversity of Minnesota" shall be XOM or Xenaversity.

Article II Purpose of XOM

To meet in and around the Twin Cities area, to share our enthusiasm for the television show "Xena: Warrior Princess (X:WP)," to encourage and support each other in our fascination with X:WP, to be a clearinghouse for information about X:WP, to help new fans "appreciate the specialness" of X:WP, and to conduct charity events in the name of X:WP.

The Xenaversity of Minnesota is headquarted in Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota and will maintain the PG-13 ambiance of X:WP.

Article III – Membership and Dues

This document applies to XOM members located in the vicinity of the Twin Cities metropolitan area and does not apply to out-of-state and international "Cyber Members" of XOM.

Those becoming members of XOM agree to abide by and follow the rules and guidelines presented in this charter. New members shall receive a copy of this charter upon joining. Continuing members shall receive copies if the charter is amended.

Section 1 – Categories of membership

Voting Membership will be extended to all persons interested in Xena: Warrior Princess, provided that:

    1. A membership application is completed
    2. Annual membership dues are paid
    3. Member attends one half of all monthly XOM meetings over the course of their membership year or they will loose their Voting status.
    4. Charter is signed and on file (see last page).

Non-Voting Membership will be extended to all persons interested in Xena: Warrior Princess provided that:

    1. A membership application is made
    2. Current membership dues are paid

3. Charter is signed and on file.

Section 2 – Attendance

  1. Voting members are expected to attend at least fifty percent of all Xenaversity meetings (not counting Xenaversity activities.) Meetings are defined as monthly forums where official organizational business is conducted, while activities are defined as club sponsored events outside the official organized business meeting framework.
  2. If members are unable to attend the monthly meeting, they should notify the organization by leaving voicemail on the XOM hotline and/or emailing the President of XOM.
  3. Voting members will be considered Non-Voting after three consecutive absences.
  4. Non- Voting members may be reinstated to Voting status by attending three consecutive meetings.

Section 3 – Guest Policy

  1. A guest (non-member of XOM) must be sponsored by the member who made the invitation. If a guest visits of their own accord, they will be considered a guest of the Board of Regents.
  2. A guest may attend up to three meetings, after which time they will be asked to join XOM or discontinue their visits. Their sponsor must express this stipulation to the guest before the guests attend their first meeting.

Section 4 – Membership Dues

  1. Ongoing members shall pay dues yearly, with the renewal date corresponding with the month joined.
  2. New members must pay their dues within one month of submitting their membership application.
  3. Dues are $15.00 annually per person and $20 per household. Immediate renewal is $10 per person and $15 per household.
  4. Exceptions due to financial hardship will be made at the discretion of the Treasurer.
  5. Dues shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Xenaversity of Minnesota.
  6. The frequency and amount of dues shall be set by the Board of Regents with majority consent of the General Voting Membership.
  7. Membership will lapse thirty days after the anniversary of membership if no renewal dues are paid and no other arrangements are made with the Treasurer’s discretion.

Section 5 – Voting Privileges of Members

  1. In considering any question before a General Membership meeting, only Voting members may be considered in determining quorum.
  2. A General Membership quorum constitutes one-third of the Voting Members.
  3. In considering any question before a General Membership meeting, only Voting members are eligible to vote, once quorum has been established.
  4. Non-Voting members have no voting rights and may not serve on committees.

Article IV Organization of XOM

Section 1 – Committees

The majority of business concerning the Xenaversity of Minnesota will take place in committees. The Governing Regents or the General Membership may form committees for any worthwhile purpose. The committees will report to the Board of Regents and the General Membership, and continue their assigned task until it is completed or the Board of Regents dissolves the committee in question. These committees should schedule meetings to conduct their business outside of the normal monthly time reserved for General XOM Meetings. These may occur online and/or in person, at the discretion of the committee chair. Only Voting Members may serve on committees.

There are three types of XOM committees:

  1. Ongoing or Annual Committees which report to the Vice President and happen annually. These may include CONvergence, Pride, Xena Con, XOM Anniversary Party, New Member BBQ, Renaissance Festival, Hamline XenaFest.
  2. Ad-Hoc committees which report to the Vice President and happen only once. These may include Callisto Marathon Viewing, Petition Drives, Lucy Baby Shower, etc.
  3. Other XOM Committees or Volunteer opportunities which may not necessarily be events but may be roles that need fulfilling (and are not covered by the Regents) i.e. Episode Reviewer, Fan Fiction Editor, Character Specialists, Mythology Expert, Game Playing Master, Creation Entertainment Contact, Interclub Relations Advisor with other Twin Cities Clubs, Card Playing Advisor, etc.

Section 2 – Governing Regent Members

The Board of Regents will conduct all affairs of the Xenaversity of Minnesota unless a two-thirds vote of the Voting membership overrides a board action.

The members of the Board of Regents are not limited to serving a one-year term. At the end of term, each position will be open to all members (including the incumbent) for re-election. All Regents shall be professional, positive and supportive of the group and its members.


Section 3 – Specific Regent Positions and Roles

  1. President: The President will preside at all meetings, unless a designated Regent is substituted. The President will appoint and coordinate committees and committee chairs, subject to Regent approval for special activities. They will maintain official current membership lists, track attendance, solicit new members, call members when necessary, and renew contacts with former members when desirable. Monthly reports will be submitted to the Regents and General membership. The president will also oversee the production and distribution of the monthly newsletter. The President will be the Ambassador of XOM.
  2. Vice President: Will assume all duties of the President in case of a presidential absence. The Vice President does not become the President if case of Presidential vacancy. (See Article V; Section 6). The Vice President will coordinate all ongoing and annual special events including (but not limited to): creating a committee for the event (when appropriate), obtaining volunteer help, fund raising (if needed), and advertising the event. The Vice President will also oversee all Ad-hoc committees by assuming the role of head chair when applicable. These tasks may be delegated to others. The Vice President position is not filled by the runner up in a presidential election; rather it is a separate position that must be run for..
  3. Treasurer: The Treasurer will collect and document all membership dues, make authorized reimbursements to members, and submit report renewals and new memberships to the Board of Regents and the newsletter editors monthly. In addition, the treasurer will send flowers, cards etc. to members of the Xenaversity of Minnesota who experience good news, sickness or loss. The Treasurer, by default, is also the fundraising chair.
  4. Secretary: The Secretary will record and distribute minutes of all meetings to all Voting members in a timely manner and keep a copy for archival purposes. These minutes will incorporate the monthly Treasurer reports as well. The Secretary will write all necessary correspondence for the Xenaversity of Minnesota and insure that a copy is available to all Regents upon request. In addition, the Secretary will be responsible for all correspondence received through the club’s mailbox, voice mailbox, and email box. In addition, they will maintain a current copy of the Xenaversity of Minnesota Charter and oversee printing and distribution as needed.
  5. Greater Good Chair: The Greater Good Chair (GGC) will spearhead XOM’s Greater Good program, which is volunteer charity program dedicated to serving the community. The GGC will also be responsible for overseeing the fundraising activities of XOM with the Treasurer. This includes contacting organizations to establish charity need, publicity if required, tracking sales or merchandise during fundraisers, and encouraging member participation. The GGC may also recognize XOM members who greatly contribute to XOM’s charity efforts.
  6. Historian: The Historian will be the webmaster for the XOM web page and will compile all items with a historical relevance for XOM into a scrapbook. This scrapbook may include but is not limited to: pictures from various XOM events, memorabilia from XOM attended events (CONvergence, Creation’s Hercules/Xena Conventions), all published XOM newsletters, special XOM produced posters, and art contributions from members. The historian will report monthly to the General Membership and Board of Regents and will have the scrapbook available for viewing at each monthly meeting.
  7. Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian will oversee the Public Relations / Advertising committee. They will also find chairs and volunteers for other committees not covered by the other Regents, including the Episode Review Committee and the Xena Discussion Panels (both online and monthly meeting versions). The Parliamentarian will also assist members and Regents when applicable on various miscellaneous projects. Regents may delegate other responsibilities to the Parliamentarian provided that the Parliamentarian and Regent(s) agree. The Parliamentarian is the liaison between the Board of Regents and the Voting members and may be approached by members wishing to add items to meeting agendas and/or air grievances. The Parliamentarian will observe monthly meetings and ensure that they are balanced, fair, respectful, and civil as well as adhere to all the guidelines in the charter. The Parliamentarian may also act as a conflict moderator between members, should the need arise.

Article V Regent Elections and XOM Regulations

Section 1 – Eligibility for Office

Any member in good standing (over the age of 18) is eligible to hold the position of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Greater Good Chair, or Parliamentarian.

Section 2 – Terms of Office

  1. Regents shall hold office for a term not to exceed one year.
  2. A Regent may not serve more than two consecutive terms within the same position.
  3. The office term shall begin at installation.
  4. If a Regent fills a vacancy at any time other than the normal election time due to a departure of their predecessor, the term will also end at the next regularly scheduled election cycle.

Section 3 – Nominations and Elections

  1. The President shall preside over the proceedings of an election and shall serve as the election officer unless the President is a candidate for one or more offices on the current ballot; at which point the President will appoint an impartial Voting member as the election officer with the approval of a majority of the membership present at the meeting opening elections.
  2. The election officer shall begin election proceedings in March for regular elections or any special elections voted on by the members (see Article VIII). This shall consist of announcements of upcoming elections, a review of nomination and election procedures, and a review of the schedule for the election.
  3. Nominations shall be open to any qualified member of XOM, as outlined in Article V, Section 1. Nominations shall be open for one month following the beginning of election procedures (for regular elections, March.) Members may nominate themselves. If another member nominates a member, the nominee must accept the nomination in person, otherwise the nomination will not be recognized.
  4. The regular elections of all Regents shall take place in April
  1. Discussion, debate, utilizing the newsletter, and other methods of sharing candidate information shall be employed at the discretion of the election officer.
  2. Balloting shall be closed (written) ballot. A panel of two appointed by the election officer with Board of Regents approval will tally ballots. No candidate for any office may serve on this panel.
  3. Each Regent position will be voted on separately and in the opposite order as stated in the charter (Article IV, Section 3.)
  4. Election shall be won by simple majority of XOM’s present Voting membership. In any round of voting where no member gains a majority of votes, the two top candidates will remain and voting will occur again. If two consecutive votes yield the same results, discussion shall be reopened. If three rounds yield the same results, one of the two names will be drawn and the winning name will be the Regent.

Section 4 – Transition Period and Installation of New Regents

  1. Installation of new Regents will take place at the April Anniversary meeting.
  2. Both Regents (current and newly elected) shall work together from elections through installation and through the transition period (30 days after installation) to provide a transition period for the new Regents.
  3. Departing Regents and newly elected Regents shall both attend Regents meetings during the transition period. Only current Regents shall have a vote in these meetings.

Section 5 – Duties of Regents

  1. Regents are expected to attend Board of Regents and General Membership meetings on a regular basis. They will be expected to be easily accessible by telephone and E-mail throughout the week. A Regent shall not miss more than three Regents meetings and four General membership meetings annually.
  2. There will be a 90-day probationary period for all newly elected Regents. If at any time during the 90 day probationary period a majority of the Regents feel that the newly elected Regent is not fulfilling their obligations as stated in Article IV, Section 3, they will be required to step down (as outlined in Article V, Section 7.)

Section 6 – Vacancies of Regents

If a Regent position is vacated before the end of term for personal reasons, resignation, mishap, or recall, a majority of Regents will appoint the successor to the position.

Section 7 – Recall of Regents

There are two ways to remove a Regent from office:

  1. Recall by petition
  1. Recall proceedings of a Regent will be convened if a written petition containing the signatures of two-thirds of the Voting Members is delivered to the Board of Regents, who will then govern the proceedings.

2 A vote will be taken during the proceedings after proper hearing had been given to both the Regent and the petitioner. If the Regent in question remains absent for 30 days after the initial scheduled hearing, the Xenaversity will consider the recall motion uncontested and the recall vote will be taken. The vote will be by closed (written) ballot, with a majority vote by the Regents in the affirmative signifying that the Regent in question should be removed. Only member of the Board of Regents, excluding the Regent in question, may vote.

  1. Recall by General Vote

If three-fourths of the currently Voting Membership vote in favor of a recall motion, the Regent in question is removed from office, effective immediately.

Section 8 – Disciplinary Action and Regent Authority

  1. Offenses.

All charges of offenses of any Member(s) or Regent(s) must be submitted to the Parliamentarian in writing, unless the Parliamentarian is in question, in which case the charges must be submitted to the President by an Voting member. Reasons for possible disciplinary action include:

  1. General membership
    1. Conduct injurious to XOM and/or its purpose
    2. Conduct that endangers the safety of another member
  1. Regents
    1. Misconduct in office
    2. Neglect of duty
    3. Conduct injurious to XOM or its purpose
    4. Missing three consecutive Board of Regent and/or General Membership meetings.
    5. Conduct that endangers the safety of another member
  1. Forms of discipline.
  1. Reprimand
  2. Removal from office
  3. Suspension of membership and voting privileges
  4. Fine(s) (to be determined in conjunction with the Treasurer)
  5. Expulsion (termination of membership)
  1. Review Board.

The Regents will act as a review board to examine any charge(s) and will execute any of the above disciplinary action(s) as appropriate. The Parliamentarian will oversee the review board.

  1. If charges are pending against a Regent, that Regent will not participate as a member of the review board
  2. A vote of 51% of eligible Regent members is required to take action
  3. The Regents must act within 30 days of receipt of response from a person with charge pending
    1. A hearing may be scheduled if requested by the petitioner, member in question or any Regent.
    2. The Regents may act on the written charge and response if no hearing is requested
  1. Once a disciplinary action is decided, a Regent will notify the charged member or Regent of the disciplinary action to be taken which will be in effect immediately
  1. Notification.
  1. The Regents will notify in writing all persons charged with any offense and possible disciplinary action within five days of receiving written charges
  2. Any person with charges pending must respond to those charges in writing, addressed to all Regents, within five days of notification
  3. Notification date will be upon receipt of said charges (An extension may be granted by the Board if the Regents decide extenuating circumstances exist)
  4. Failure to respond to notification of pending charges/disciplinary action may be considered as evidence by the Regents
  1. Right of Appeal.
  1. Any disciplinary action may be appealed to the General Membership within 30 days of the decision by submitting a request in writing for such an appeal to the Regents
  2. General membership may override a Regent disciplinary decision by a favorable two-thirds vote

Article VI Meetings

Section 1 – Regent Meetings

  1. Will be held monthly prior to the General Membership meetings, unless a Regent requests a change. The Regents must agree upon the revised meeting time and place. Date and time of Regent meetings will be printed in the newsletter and/or on the webpage.
  2. Emergency meetings can be called by a majority of Regents.
  3. Will require no less than a majority of the Regents to constitute a quorum for transacting business. (a quorum of the Regents would be four Regents)
  4. All Regents and General Membership meetings at which Xenaversity business is conducted (whether regularly scheduled or not) shall be open to all members in good standing of the Xenaversity of Minnesota.

Section 2 – General Membership Meetings

  1. All meeting times will be posted in the monthly newsletter and or webpage as well as on the telephone line. All meetings, unless otherwise notified, will be held monthly. It is the responsibility of members to get current meeting information.
  2. One third of the Voting General Membership, in addition to four voting Regents, will constitute quorum for transacting business at General Membership Meetings.

Section 3 – Voting Guidelines

All Regents shall have one vote at Regent meetings. All Voting Members and Regents shall have one vote at General Membership meetings. No proxy votes of any kind are valid; that is, no XOM members will be allowed to vote for absent XOM members. However, absentee ballots are allowed. These shall be explicit votes on a given question and shall always be considered valid if given to a Regent before the meeting by the absent member.

Voting will be conducted whenever:

  1. Electing regents
  2. Spending more than $ 50.00 for one event. If monetary decisions need to be made immediately; that is, before the next monthly meeting, the Board of Regents will conduct a simple majority vote.
  3. Changing membership qualifications (fees, etc).
  4. Amendments to the charter need to be made.
  5. Dissolution of XOM.

Section 4 – Code of Conduct

  1. All meetings will be orderly, professional and will be under the direction of the presiding Regent (usually the President) and the Parliamentarian.
  2. No recreational substances (i.e. drugs, tobacco, and/or alcohol) are allowed at any business meeting.
  3. Local laws and regulations will be enforced during all XOM functions.
  4. No firearms will be allowed into any XOM function.
  5. Respect will be shown at all times to all XOM members and their contributions, characters and actors of X:WP. The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for upholding and enforcing these codes of conduct at all XOM meetings and events.


Article VII Dissolution of XOM

  1. Dissolution of the Xenaversity of Minnesota shall be by four-fifths vote of the presently Voting membership
  2. All members shall be notified by written notice thirty days before any dissolution vote taken
  3. All disbursement of funds shall be distributed in the following manner:
  1. All outstanding debts shall be paid completely
  2. All material possessions shall be auctioned to the members of XOM and all funds collected will be considered liquid. Any remaining materials will be donated to charity.
  1. All liquid assets will be distributed equally among charities to be determined by the members by a vote and shall pass by a simple majority.

Article VIII Amendments

This charter or official action taken by the Regents may be amended at any General Membership meeting by a two-thirds vote of the Voting General Membership, to take effect upon passage. Proposed amendments or proposed overrides must be submitted to all members at least one month before a General Membership meeting.