Chakram XENA: 

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This is the incredibly rare opportunity to own an original prop from the epic television series XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.  This chakram, the most identifiable "icon prop" from the series, was actually used in the filming of the show, and of course was forged by the propmasters of Pacific Renaissance.  We have housed the chakram in a one-of-a-kind presentation piece: a gorgeous faux antique gold bordered hanging case. The prop is fully removable when the case is opened and the placard reads to the fact that this is an authentic prop used in the series.  The item will also come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Creation Entertainment, the official licensee of Universal Studios and Studios USA for Xena in regards to the fan club, merchandising and conventions.

All of the money raised in the sale of this authentic prop will go to one of our all-time favorite charities, The James W. Ellis Scholarship of Hofstra University. This endowed scholarship is awarded to Hofstra University students who have cancer or are in cancer remission. Additionally, it also provides for students who have parents that have or had cancer.  It is the intent of this scholarship to ease one of more burdens of the students in question.  100% of the money raised for scholarship is given to the students.  Since 1997 over 110 college students have been helped by the fund.

We've chosen this period of time to auction this rare piece to honor the work of Anita Ellis, the daughter of James W. Ellis and the founder of this charity.  Along with being a tireless staffer for Creation at our Xena conventions, Anita has been a great friend to all of us here at Creation and been there for Creation employees who have faced cancer in their families recently.  Anita is a constant presence at our charity breakfasts at our events which have been done to raise money for the scholarship program. Many fans and stars of Xena have come to know Anita for the great work that she does.

Happy wedding Anita: this one's for you! Adam Malin and Gary Berman and your friends at Creation Entertainment

PS:  The presentation of the monies raised on this will be done at our huge Official Xena Convention coming to Pasadena in May.  Lucy and Renee will be there: will you? Visit us at for all the details!