Daddy's Girl

    The sacrifices starting pouring in. The blood started to spill…one by one. The young girl was killing every single villager herself. The innocents' blood was the thing to get her father into this world…her sister, Hope, had failed. She wasn't planning to. As she sacrificed more and more villagers to her father…she noticed the flames getting higher and higher and Dahak's presents getting stronger and stronger. Until he finally did appear…not at all a monster, but simply an angel…a Dark Angel…with emerald green eyes and Raven black hair. She looked at her father with great admiration, and with a simple thought:
    "How dare anyone defy him."

    As she silently walked in the mist, Hope felt a familiar presence. Abruptly turning around, she saw a figure behind her. She knew it was her father's, but this wasn't at all how she pictured him to be.
    "Father," she said…her voice just above a whisper. "You entered the mortal realm."
    "Yes," her father's booming the air. His attention was suddenly taken away from Hope as another figure appeared…that of a young girl.
    Hope noticed a certain look appearing on her father's face as he looked at the girl. It was a look that Hope was familiar with…a look of pride.
    "Faye," Dahak said to the young girl. "This is your older sister, Hope.
    Dahak turned abruptly to Hope, " This is your younger sister. She aided me in entering the human world…something you failed to do."
    Failed. Hope's thoughts started to revolve around this word. Was it just her or did her father actually put emphasis on the word failed. She did failed…and this girl, her sister, Faye, succeeded. As she looked back and forth at her Father and Faye, she noticed the look of pride as they looked at each other. Neither one of them was giving much thought to Hope. As she noticed that, Hope felt her pride getting smaller and smaller.
    "No," she thought. "This girl is not suppose to take my place. I'm suppose to be the chosen one. I'm the one that's suppose to help Dahak rule the world. I'm suppose to be Daddy's girl. Not her."
    As her jealous thoughts became bigger and bigger, she knew she couldn't be second choice. She had to win her father's pride of her back. Hope couldn't think of something greater of opening the window to let her father into this world. But she had to think of something…anything.
    "The stone…the stone that could paralyze my father. The stone that was used in destroying him," Hope thought. "If I can only get my hand on that stone. I can win his pride for me back. And I no longer would be second choice." 
    "Until later, Father," she spoke to the dark-winged figure.
    As she transported herself to a place near a cave where the stone was held, she felt herself smiling.

    Two young men sat in a cave. They were eating lunch. On occasion, one of them eyed the green stone to make sure it was in its right place. Neither one of them knew its powers, but they all knew that this stone had great powers.
    "This is a sure good lunch, we're having," One of them spoke up with a slightly Scottish accent.
    "It sure is, Latrius," the other one replied.
    "Mind if I join you?" a woman's voice asked, with a hint of malice in it.
    The two men looked up, and saw a young woman standing in the entranceway, her blonde hair falling past her shoulder. 
    "Sure, lady." The one known as Latrius replied, eyeing the stone carefully.
    "Actually. Why don't we just skip lunch and get right down to business,"
the young woman replied, carefully eyeing the green stone.
    With a slight thought, Hope made the stone rise from its resting place, and into her hands. Taking out their swords, the two men attacked Hope.
"    Fools. How dare you defy Dahak's wish." 
    Reaching out her hand, Hope touched Latrius. She watched with satisfaction as the life drained out of him. Seeing Hope's powers, the other soldier made an attempt for the entranceway. But he was too slow, as Hope killed him with only a thought. Holding the stone out, Hope raised it up in the air. As she was ready to smash it into pieces, Hope stopped herself.
"    This stone might turn out to be extremely useful for Dahak."
    With pure satisfaction, Hope clutched the stone closely to her.

    Dressed in the black and red robe that was well known to be worn by Dahak's servants, Faye gazed at the countryside. She knew that the singing birds would be no longer, the beautiful trees would be gone. And all of the beauty will be replaced by pure blood and hate. And she was the one that's going to help her father with it. Deep in her thoughts, Faye didn't notice her sister coming up behind her. Finally realizing her sister was there, she spoke up.
    "Sister, dear." Faye spoke with a sarcastic tone in her voice. "You really shouldn't be jealous of me."
    "Oh, don't worry," Hope replied with her hoarse voice. "You opened the entrance for Father to enter the world, but I will make sure he stays here."
    As she said that, Hope felt the stone that lay in her pocket. She had a sudden urge to take it out, and show it to her sister, but she knew that it wouldn't be wise…at least not until Dahak was there to see it, too. Hope smugly looked at her sister, and vanished in Hope's to see her father before Faye did.

    Sitting high in his throne, Dahak pondered over the many ways to get rid of the warrior princess and her bard. He knew that they would be a far greater problem to him than any of the Olympian gods.
    "Fools" He thought out loud. "They wouldn't be so quick to fight me if they knew I could turn their precious love for each other to pure hatred."
    His green eyes started to become more intense until a spark of fire evolved from them. On his face appeared a sarcastic smile, and he thought of the many possibilities of torturing the mortals.
    "Father," a woman voice interrupted his evil thoughts. "I came to you with something that you might find extremely useful."
    "What is it?" the Dark One asked his oldest daughter. He knew he would much rather see his youngest. But Hope would do. She was, after all, the one who caused that slight rift between Xena and Gabrielle. He had to remind himself of that.
    "The stone, Father." Hope answered, taking the stone out. "It's the stone."
Dahak eyed it carefully. He didn't recognize it at first, but as seconds passed, it became more and more familiar to him until he finally spoke up:
    "How did you get it?"
    "It wasn't that hard."
    Holding the stone high in the air, Dahak smiled maliciously. He knew that this might be the key to the beginning of a new order. The pantheon of gods will finally fall now. 
    Hope stood there, carefully watching her father's reaction. She wanted everything to be perfect. Not noticed by them, Faye also watched from a distance. 
    "So, that's what Hope was talking about," she thought.
    Then, at the same time, both Hope and Dahak noticed Faye sitting there. Looking at her sister, Hope eyes narrowed in jealousy. Faye got the same look. Looking back and forth at his daughters, Dahak felt his eyes narrowing as well. The last thing he needed was for Hope and Faye to be jealous of each other, and spoiling everything.
    "Enough! We are going to have a little fun with the warrior princess and her precious bard."
    Hope felt her mouth curling up in a sneer. Xena…the Xena that stole mommy away from her. Xena deserved to die…they both did.

by RareOrchyd