Xenaversity Fan Fic Library

A library featuring the talents of members of the Xenaversity of Minnesota.

Authors ~

Elena Beltran
- A Baby!
    Gabrielle muses about Xena's pregnancy at the campfire.  (subtext)
- Daddy's Girl
    Ares' turn to muse on Xena's news.  (subtext)

James Gottfried (Mr. Jamester)
- Curse You, Father
    A follow-up to the episode "The Furies".

Mariya Kudlay
- Daddy's Girl
    A story about Hope, her sister? and Dahak

Rob Lent
- A Damning Choice
    Xena is forced by Ares to decide who dies - Gabrielle or Joxer?
- The Full Joxer
    A parody of "The Full Monty".
- If the Leather Fits...
    Joxer gets to be a hero, in small and not-so-significant ways.
- Is This a Dagger I See Before Me?
    One guess at how Gabrielle will come back after the events of "Sacrifice II".
- What's a Hero?
    Joxer gets to be a hero, in small, but significant ways.

Matt Savelkoul
- Destroyer of Nations
   A flashback story of Xena, Alti and Diana (Wonder Woman)

Libraries ~

Cat's Fan Fic Library
    A collection of stories both finished and in-progress by Cat.  Stories include Berries, The Strength of Souls, and Prelude to War, among others.

Xena Eyes of the Warrior Princess Xena Fan Fiction
    A collection of stories by various authors hosted by Lawlsfan.  Stories include alternative, classic/general, and uber genres.

To submit stories of your own, please email us at Xenaversty@aol.com.