The Xenaver$ity Merchandise

Xena/Callisto/Ares/Gabrielle Shot Glasses
Chakram Playset
Xena CDXena CDXena CD
Xena Soundtracks 1, 2 and Bitter Suite
Xena/Herc Movie
Xena/Hercules Anim. Movie
Xena Sword
Xena Sword Playset
Xena Cube
Xena Folding Cube

Action FigureAction FigureAction FigureAction Figure
Series 2 - Xena 6" Action Figures
Xena - A Day In The Life, Gabrielle - A Day In The Life,
Callisto, Xena Posable

Series 2 - Xena 12" Dolls
Xena - Warrior Princess
Gabrielle - Amazon Princess
Callisto  - Warrior Queen

Series 3 - Xena 6" Action Figures
Harem Xena, Velasca, Autolycus
Xena - One Against An Army
Series 3 - Xena 12" Dolls
Ares, Empress Gabrielle - Bitter Suite
Queen Xena - Armageddon Now
Xena Kite - Normal or Full Size
Xena Lunch Box

Xena Mugs
Xena Episode Animations
Xena: WP Episode Scripts

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