A Minnesota fan club for the fans, by the fans,
and of the fans of Xena: Warrior Princess

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In the beginning there was XOM

In March of 1998, after surfing the internet, I [Bev Gores] found myself engrossed in the Xenaverse of the Web. Realizing how important (and fun!) it is to have face to face interactions with people, I put web-feelers out to see if there was any interest in starting up a fan club for the television series Xena: Warrior Princess in the Twin Cities.

Lizzy, Jono, Robin, and Sara responded with a resounding yes, and the fan club was born.

We first met in Minneapolis on April 20th with five people. Soon a name, a mission, and a plan was developed. Things moved quickly in the first three months: membership grew from five to 22, Liz and I were accepted as co-deans, Jono as Chair of Regents, and Lisa as Treasurer, and the web site was born with Mr. Jamester at the helm. The rest is history.

And it’s true what they say: Xena: Warrior Princess fans are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Beverly

The Xenaversity of Minnesota Mission Statement

The Xenaversity of Minnesota is a nonprofit fan club devoted to the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. We are located in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Our purpose is to meet monthly in and around the Twin Cities area to share our enthusiasm for X:WP, to encourage and support each other in our fun fascination of all things Xena, to be a clearinghouse of information about the Xenaverse in the Twin Cities, and to help new fans, or potential fans, better understand X:WP.

Xenaversity of Minnesota 2000 Regents:

Amada Marquz Sullivan - President
Theresa Pierce - Events Coordinator
James Gottfried- Secretary

Elena Beltran – Greater Good Chair
Matt Savelkoul - Treasurer


Who can be a member of XOM?
A fan of X:WP who lives in Minnesota or Wisconsin (“local” member). A fan of X:WP who does not live in MN or WI but can interact with local fans via the web (“cyberfan” member)

What do you get as a member of XOM?

*Local fans do not have to have access to the internet or e-mail to be a member of XOM, but it helps. Cyber fans must have internet and e-mail access.

Requirements for membership


Potential committees

Formed - April 1998, the Xenaversity of Minnesota