Denmark XOMbies!!

Cyntheia Singleton
City: Copenhagen V.
State: Confusion

Fav. Quote:
Love is a trick that nature plays to get us to reproduce. I'll have no part of it! "Callisto"
About me:
By the Goddess where to begin :D My name is Cyntheia (yes with an E ;) But my friends call me Cyn. If you are a fan of the GRRLS! then you are a friend! Merry Meet to you! I'm from Boston but I live in Copenhagen DK. Thank the Goddess for VCRs! I've been a fan since the beginning and had the good fortune to see the Flawless one when she did Grease! *swoon* I'm married to a great guy who also enjoys the show though I am the hard core nut ball in the family! Ok I think that is 3-4 lines ;). BATTLE ON! Cyn
Email Me! Fav. Character: Xena Fav. Episode:  A DAY IN THE LIFE
2001  Member Subtext: Yes Birthdate: Nov 21st

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