New Jersey Members
Indiana XOMbies!!

Dani Wright
City: Rockville
State: IN

Fav. Quote:  "Such a pretty day for a bloodbath."
About me:
"I've always loved Hercules,so when i found out About Xena, I knew i'd love it. I think Xena is the best show in the world!!!!!"
Member 1999 Fav. Character: Ares Fav. Episode: Any Episode With Ares!
Subtext: Yes Age: 18 & Under

Mel Bradley
City: Millcreek
State: IN

Fav. Quote: 
Joxer: "That's the first time I've ever had *3* feet in my pants!"
About me:
"I was a casual viewer until I saw "Comedy of Eros." Ted's performance blew me away and broke my heart. It not only made me a Xenite; it made me a Die Hard Jox fan and GJR."
Member 2000 Fav. Character: Joxer Fav. Episode: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Email Me! Subtext: No Age: November 4th

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