Iowa XOMbies!!

Desta Tedros
City: Fertile
State: Iowa

Fav. Quote:
Gabrielle- "That is the only way to judge beauty, not the price, but how it touches the soul."
About me:
"I got into Xena during my Lois and Clark withdrawal (cancelled)! My Fav is Gabby. I worship Renee O'Connor, Dean Cain, and the Spice Girls, and the only thing that bothers me about the show is there is a little too much subtext!"
1999 Member Fav. Character: Gabrielle Fav. Episode: Sacrifice 2
Email Me! Subtext: Yes Birthdate: October 3rd

Michael Roehler
City: Armstrong
State: Iowa

Fav. Quote:
About me:
"Just a very good show. Funney witty and just plain fun!!!!!!Never miss a show. Keep up the fantastic work! Thanks"
1999 Member Fav. Character: Xena Fav. Episode: FORGIVEN
Subtext: Yes Birthdate: August 9th

Sarah Schweitzer
City: Ames
State: Iowa

Fav. Quote:
"To conquer others is to have power 
to conquer yourself is to know the way." -Lao Ma
About me:
"I have been a Xena fan from the 2nd season. As a college 
student and a young woman without a strong female role modle
Xena was the perfect solution."
2000 Member Fav. Character: Gabrielle Fav. Episode: The Ides of March
Email Me! Subtext: Yes Birthdate: April 16th

Ruth Kenton
City: Iowa City
State: Iowa

Fav. Quote:
About me:
"I got hooked after 3 episodes. I hate to miss an ep. Unfortunately I only get reruns on USA network or occasionally see new ones on WGN out of Chicago. Life stinks in Iowa, I want to go home!
2000 Member Fav. Character: Joxer Fav. Episode: Them Bones Them Bones
Email Me! Subtext: It Matters Not Birthdate: Oct 19


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