Kentucky XOMbies!!

Paully Adams

City: Lexington
State: KY

Fav. Quote:  
"I realized who the perfect person is for me..." Gabrielle says to Xena. Xena replies " Oh Gabrielle..." Gabby follows up with "It's me!!" from Fins, Femmes & Gems

About me:
"I've watched Xena since it first aired. At first, Xena was my fav. She's tough, like me. But by the end of S1, Gabrielle became my favorite. Renee has the most expressive eyes. And Gabrielle is so full of hope.

Member 1999

Fav. Character: Gabrielle

Fav. Episode: Deja Vu All Over Again & Between the Lines

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Subtext: It Matters Not

Birthdate: February 6

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