Maine XOMbies
Maine XOMbies!!

Joshua Williams
City: Lisbon
State: Maine

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"Here comes trouble!"
Callisto in A Necessary Evil
About me:
1999 Member Fav. Character: Callisto Fav. Episode: All Hope Episodes

Allison Costa
City: Palermo
State: Maine

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Visit My Website!

About me:
This site is awesome!! my page has alot of sounds and images, and anyone is free to take stuff out of there, as long as they put a link up on my page!!

Anyway, this site was a great idea! i'm 15, and i have red-gold hair and green eyes, and i've been told that i resemble Gabby, although i find that hard t believe!!

My fav character is Hercules, and you guys didn't have him up there, so i just thought that i'd add that! Please, add it?

I'm a professional poetry writer, and have been published, or i wouldn't be saying i was a professional poetry writer, would I?

Anyway, that's really all there is to say about me, exapt i love the Xena and Hercules hows!! Anyone know who Xena played in the movie Greese, by any chance?

Email Me! Fav. Character: Hercules Fav. Episode: Armageddon Now 1/2
1999 Member Subtext: It matters not Birthdate: May 8th

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