North Carolina XOMbies!!

Maggie Allard
City: Atlantic Beach
State: NC

Fav. Quote:

About me:
"I'm a fan of Xena because she is a strong woman, but she also has emotions. I have liked seeing her evolve from being a killer to the kind of woman with compassion . Als she doesn't have to depend on a man for everything in her life.
1999 Member Fav. Character: Xena Fav. Episode:
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Tonjeanette Homer
City: Spring Lake
State: NC

Fav. Quote:
"We will be together forever wont we?" Gabrielle
About me:
"I just enjoy the show. It is funny and exciting. There is no yes they are or no they are not which lets everyone see it for themselves."
1999 Member Fav. Character: Gabrielle Fav. Episode: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
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