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New Jersey XOMbies!!

Mair O'Kennedy
City: Linden
State: NJ

Fav. Quote:
“It’s more important to remember the love you can give than the love you receive.” Gabrielle
About me:
Well, I have always been a fan of Renee O’Connor and Ted Raimi and once I heard about Renee starring in it [X:WP], I started to watched and loved it. ROC has changed my life. If you want to know about itjust email me.
Email Me! Fav. Character: Gabrielle Fav. Episode: The Bitter Suite

Christy MClain
City: Newark
State: NJ

Fav. Quote:

"No more living for you" - X
Xena to Callisto
About me:
"I am Chrysalis, ancestor of Quenn Nefertiti. I embrace what Xena has done for strong women. I am a strong, ethnic woman and, like my Apache people and Xena, I have the spiritof a warrior and the heart of a bard."
1999 Member Fav. Character: Xena Fav. Episode: The Bitter Suite
Email Me! Subtext: Yes Birthdate:  October 25th


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