Rhode Island XOMbies!!

Mara Sanchez
City: Providence
State: Rhode Island

Fav. Quote:
When Xena says, "I have many skills"
About me:
"I started watching Xena in high school when my best friend, Ashley, introduced me to the show. I am currently a Junior at Brown University majoring in Film and Visual Theory, and I still absolutely love the show. I have the first and second seasons on tape and am working towards the third. Unfortunately. I can't get the show in my apartment (basement = shitty reception) so I'm totally reliant on my tapes and the generosity of Ashley, who sends me episodes every once in a while.

I live with my boyfriend, Matt, and my cat, Samanntha. I have an entire room in my apartment devoted to Xena where I do my studying. I think the show is the best thing to happen to Media in a very, very long time. I'm excited that there are so many people who understand this, it really gives me a lot of happiness that so many people appreciate the show the way that I do."
2000 Member Fav. Character: Xena Fav. Episode: A Day In The Life
Email Me! Subtext: Yes Birthdate: July 20th


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