Tennessee XOMbies!!

Helen M. Helton

City: Bean Station
State: TN

Fav. Quote:  
"By the gods, you are beautiful!" Gabrielle to Xena in Altared States

About me:
"I was flipping channels one day and it looked interesting, so I watched. One episode and I was hooked!"

Member 1999

Fav. Character: Xena

Fav. Episode: A Day In The Life

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Subtext: Yes

Birthdate: July 27th

Mary Boyle

City: Nashville
State: TN

Fav. Quote:  
"Stuffing my fist down the throt of a little innocent fish is not my idea of fun" -Gabrielle (a day in the life)

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About me:
"Well I use to watch La Femme Nikita and one time it was on a monday so I started watching it on Monday but then wwf came on and one day I just watched after WWF and Xena was on and I was hooked like a fish!!"

Member 2000

Fav. Character: Callisto

Fav. Episode: Chakram

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Subtext: It Matters Not

Birthdate: December 4th

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