Wyoming XOMbies!!

Kelly Nicoloff
City: Minneapolis

Fav. Quote:

About me:
I got into Xena by accident, channel surfing and insomnia. I was drawn to the strong female characters and relationships. However, I pretty much geek out on anything sci-fi, fantasy or mystery.
1998 Member Fav. Character: Xena/Lao Ma Fav. Episode: The Debt
    Birthdate: November 3rd


Anthony Nicoloff
City: Minneapolis
State: MN

Fav. Quote:
"Here comes trouble!" Callisto
About me:
I started watching Xena after I stumbled across it while channel surfing. I saw a tough woman in black leather smacking people around, and knew I would become a fan."
1998 Member Fav. Character: Callisto Fav. Episode: A Necessary Evil
  Subtext: YES Birthdate: June 7


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